Deep Learning and the 6Cs

What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a set of student educational outcomes including the acquisition of robust core academic content using real-life problem solving, higher-order thinking skills, and learning dispositions.

Deep Learning is quality learning that sticks with you for life. The first step in reimagining learning has been to identify six global competencies (6Cs) that describe the skills and attributes needed for learners to flourish in today’s complex world.


  • Proactive stance toward life and learning to learn

  • Grit, tenacity, perseverance and resilience

  • Empathy, compassion, and integrity in action


  • A global perspective

  • Commitment to human equity and well-being through empathy and compassion for diverse values and worldviews

  • Genuine interest in human and environmental sustainability

  • Solving ambiguous and complex problems in the real world to benefit citizens


  • Working interdependently as a team

  • Interpersonal and team-related skills

  • Social, emotional and intercultural skills

  • Managing team dynamics and challenges


  • Communication designed for audience and impact

  • Message advocates a purpose and makes an impact

  • Reflection to further develop and improve communication

  • Voice and identity expressed to advance humanity


  • Economic and social entrepreneurialism

  • Asking the right inquiry questions

  • Pursuing and expressing novel ideas and solutions

  • Leadership to turn ideas into action

Critical Thinking

  • Evaluating information and arguments

  • Making connections and identifying patterns

  • Meaningful knowledge construction

  • Experimenting, reflecting and taking action on ideas in the real world