From the Principal

In these pages you will find the key to unlock the mysteries of how St Columba Anglican School works - its processes and protocols, rules and procedures. Hopefully you will also glean a sense of who we are, what we value and what we aspire to. 

St Columba Anglican School is unapologetic in its desire to offer its students the very best education possible - as good or better than any other school in the region or the state.

We do this by ensuring that the concepts of Excellence, Effectiveness and Enterprise are at the heart of all our planning and decision-making.

Some of the things we offer at St Columba include:

St Columba Anglican School is a wonderful place to be, with friendly students and  a dedicated and talented staff. We firmly believe in the teacher/parent partnership and acknowledge that this can only occur through effective communication. Please feel free to talk to your child’s Year Patron or class teachers about any issues, or come in and see us. Our door is always open.

Mr Allan Guihot
St Columba Anglican School