Private Tuition

To complement the Performing Arts Program at St Columba, the School has a very talented and dedicated group of instrumental, vocal and performing arts teachers offering private tuition for students of St Columba Anglican School. Tutors are available across a range of instruments, including woodwind, strings, brass, piano, keyboard and drums, as well as drama and performance tutors.

Parents can enrol their child in private tuition by contacting our Tutors directly via the contact information listed below.

Secondary students' tuition classes will be on a rotation timetable where possible. Private tutors have specific times they are able to book Primary students, i.e. Kindergarten to Year 4 from 12.00pm, Years 5 and 6  between 9.00am and 11.00am, or between 2.00pm and 3.20pm.

Please note that it is the responsibility of families and students to notify tutors in advance to reschedule lessons due to school subject assessments/exams, excursions, incursions, camps or other activities that may impact the lesson time. Please be mindful that the fees for Private Tuition on campus are an agreement between families and the independent Private Tutor. 

Security of Instruments

All instruments, whether on hire from the School or privately owned, should be marked clearly with the student’s full name and contact number both inside and outside the case. Students should secure their instruments inside the Secondary Music storeroom or classroom when not in use.

Antonia Amato - Piano

I began learning piano from the age of 4 and continue to fall in love with the art of music. I have been teaching piano both in-person and online for the past three years to students of all ages and stages. I am confident in enhancing the student's technical skills, theoretical knowledge and performance flair.

I completed my AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) Grade 8 Piano Exam in 2018 with Honours and am in the process of achieving my AMusA (Associate in Music, Australia). I completed my HSC in 2020 and received a Band 6 in Music (performance, composition, aural skills, and theory). I was ranked 1st in my school for Music and other subjects. I am very passionate about empowering young people to achieve wonderful things through amazing opportunities and experiences. 

When I am not teaching piano, I study Medicine at UNSW's Rural Clinical School in Port Macquarie and am also working on a short film project which is very close to my heart.

Find out more on Antonia's website.


Teresa Cox - Piano

Teaching and educating children is my passion. I have the following qualifications: Diploma of Teaching, (Australian Catholic University), Bachelor of Education (Australian Catholic University), Masters in Education (University of New England), Australian Music Education Board (AMEB) Trained and Qualified. As a teacher in schools, my experience has included K-6 Classroom teacher  (23 years), K-9 Music Classroom teacher (10 years), and Private Piano Tutor (23 years). 

As a piano tutor, I prefer to expose students to many musical styles as they learn.  However, I understand that music appreciation is purely individual and I always allow for student choice. Some of the styles taught include Jazz, Blues, Ragtime, Pop, Classical, Movie Theme, Musical Theatre, Rock, Electro Dance, and Calypso. I teach students who wish to learn purely for the pleasure of playing, for AMEB Grade examinations, for HSC Music, or for performance purposes.


Lachlan Fardy - Vocals

I would like to offer my tutoring services which draw on my experience both as a performing vocalist and as a vocal coach for live theatrical productions. I completed a Bachelor of Theatre and Performance with the University of New England in 2018 and in 2021 I completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Music with the Australian Institute of Music.

I have worked as a vocalist locally, around Australia, and overseas with the Walt Disney Company and am experienced in singing within contemporary, classical, and musical theatre contexts. My work as a vocal coach encompasses both working with ensembles of varying sizes and one-on-one sessions; taking a project-based approach that allows the development of relevant skills as they arise in a practical context.

As I am new to the environment and structure of SCAS in its daily operation, I must specify that at this early stage, I will only be taking secondary students. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


Karen Gill - Piano

I have been teaching Piano, Keyboard and Theory in the area for the past 26 years. My objective is to support students in developing their musical skills.  Preparing them for AMEB Exams, Theory Exams, Eisteddfods and for HSC Exams.

Each class consists of Skill Development, Technical Exploration and Performance Skills. 


Anne Geoghegan - Brass

Carol Irving - Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute

Mandy Lee - Cello and Viola

Shelalagh McGovern - Circus Aerial Skills NEW

Private Tuition for Circus Aerial Skills.

Aerials 5.00pm to 6.00pm
Adult Aerials 6.10pm to 7.10pm


Lesley Priest - Strings

My profession is that of instrumental teacher; primarily violin, as well as viola. I attained accreditation as a violin teacher having studied at the Suzuki Talent Education Institute in Japan. More recently, I completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Music degree. I participate in Teacher Training and Professional Development programs annually to maintain my abilities as both a teacher and a violinist, as well as to gain insight into various methodologies and broader musical concepts.

I have been a peripatetic string tutor at SCAS since the School commenced. As well as teaching students privately during school hours, I have been engaged as a tutor in the weekly Year 3 String classes, as well as director of the Primary String Ensemble. My approach to each student entails teaching correct posture, developing listening skills (pitch, tone, rhythm), reading of notation, and fostering students' curiosity and interest. Engaging in the learning of a musical instrument stimulates the mind as well as stirring emotions. The discipline of regularly playing the instrument is enhanced through selecting a repertoire that establishes good technique and is methodical. I have come to recognise that each student proceeds at their own pace, assisted by encouragement from the teacher, family and peers and personal effort.


Julie Rowling - Piano 

I have been teaching piano for 26 years, following a music teaching tradition in my family where my father and grandfather both taught piano, accordion and drums. Originally from Wollongong, in 1995 I completed an A.T.C.L. Diploma (piano teaching) followed by an L.T.C.L Diploma (piano teaching) in 1998. I enjoy teaching all ages and genres, from classical and jazz to modern-day pop songs. My aim is to develop a solid foundation whilst promoting engaging and enjoyable music education. When not teaching, I can be found at the netball courts, or in the maternity ward at the Base Hospital where I work as a casual midwife.


Chris Vieira - Guitar 

G’day students, parents and teachers, my name is Chris from “V-Strum” and I am the “Guitar Tutor” at SCAS. In brief, I have been teaching guitar for about 17 years and playing in rock bands for about 22 years in numerous countries around the world and as much as I love playing and writing music, where I thrive and I enjoy most is helping my students achieve goals and targets on a guitar they are trying to or never thought they could achieve and have as much fun as possible along the way. 

On top of Guitar, I start, grow, run and mentor Guitar Ensembles and Rock Band sessions and go as far as offering beginner to early intermediate Bass guitar lessons. Whether you’re a boy or girl,  if you would like to learn guitar OR if you used to play and would like to start playing again and pick up where you left off  OR interested in Guitar Ensemble, Rock Band or Bass Guitar please get in contact with me today and let’s get you playing as soon as possible. On a side note, I am also an Approved “Creative Kids Provider”, if you would like more info on this let me know. Hope to see you soon. Cheers.


Lydia Wills - Piano NEW

Lydia Wills has won numerous awards for her musical skills, including the Peter Rorke Award for the best undergraduate musician in 2001 (USQ). She has also been awarded a Master of Music, a Bachelor of Music (Honours), a Licentiate Diploma of Music Australia, and an Associate Diploma of Music Australia.

In addition to innumerable solo recitals and concerti performances, Lydia has assisted choirs and theatre performance groups as both repetiteur, conductor, and musical director. Currently in high demand as a private music teacher through both schools and her studio, Dots and Stems, her wide-ranging skills include vocal and instrumental accompaniment, composition, and conducting. Lydia has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Catholic Schools' Primary School bands program for several schools in St Agnes Parish since 2020 and is the conductor for the Mid North Coast Youth Orchestra in 2023. 


Michaeli Witney - Strings, Piano and Percussion NEW

Michaeli is a passionate and experienced music teacher with a history of leading students to a place of excellence in their musical journeys. She is an active musician with experience in live performances and studio recordings and has a unique set of skills to offer both the classical and contemporary musician.

Michaeli holds a Bachelor of Music Education equipping her with awareness of the need for varied teaching approaches to complement the needs of individual learners.

Michaeli offers Private Tuition at SCAS for Cello, Piano, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass and Percussion.


Sarah Wynne - Vocals

Sarah Wynne has 24 years of professional experience in the music industry, performing nationally and internationally, and holds a Bachelor of Music Performance.