Anti-Bullying at SCAS

Anti-Bullying Initiative

St Columba Anglican School is committed to providing an environment that is safe, supportive, and nurtures individual students to achieve their potential. 

The School has the responsibility to foster an educational environment where every attempt is made to eliminate barriers to learning and where all students feel safe and valued. The School acknowledges that bullying does occur. Bullying behaviour is recognised as being anti-social and unacceptable and, as such, not only affects the victims of bullies and the perpetrators and those who witness bullying. Left unchecked, bullying behaviours can have a profound long-term effect on the culture of a school.

St Columba aims to work with students, parents, and teachers to prevent bullying, raise awareness, and encourage reporting. The Policy applies to all members of the school community, including students, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents/caregivers, and visitors to the School. It is the responsibility of all members of the community to support and promote our Anti-Bullying Policy. 

The School aims to create a safe, supportive and caring environment free from intimidation, where difference is respected.  The School will not tolerate any behaviour that contradicts this philosophy. Each student is of equal importance at St Columba. Students who bully, in any of its forms, or harass others and do not respond to behaviour management strategies, including counselling, could ultimately be asked to leave the School.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Bullying is the repeated and intentional behaviour of causing fear, distress or harm towards another person that involves an imbalance of power. It can involve humiliation, domination, intimidation, victimisation and harassment. There are likely to be three parties involved in any bullying incident: the bully, the person being bullied, and bystanders.

Bullying can take many forms, including:

What Isn't Bullying?

There are many negative situations that, whilst potentially distressing for students, are not bullying. These include: 

St Columba Anglican School recognises its duty to students to provide a safe and positive learning environment where individual differences and diversity within the School is respected and accepted. Bullying is not tolerated at St Columba Anglican School. It is our policy that:

Bullying Prevention Strategies

St Columba Anglican School recognises that implementing a whole-School prevention strategies is the most effective way of eliminating, or at least minimising incidents of bullying within our community.  The following initiatives form part of our overall bullying prevention strategy and our strategy to create a ‘no-bullying’ culture within the School:

Reporting Bullying

Students and their parents/guardians are sometimes reluctant to pursue bullying incidents, for fear that it will only make matters worse. A key part of the School's bullying prevention and intervention strategy is to encourage reporting of bullying incidents as well as providing assurance to students who experience bullying (and parents/caregivers) that: bullying is not tolerated within the School, their concerns will be taken seriously, the School has a clear strategy for dealing with bullying issues, follow-up communication is provided.

Bullying incidents can be advised to the School verbally or in writing through any of the following avenues: informing a trusted teacher, using the '' email address, informing a student’s teacher or Director of Wellbeing, Head of School or the Principal.

Bullying behaviours vary enormously in their extent and intent and, as a consequence, each incident needs to be dealt with on its facts. In all circumstances the School:

Actions that may be taken when responding to bullying include: