Google Meet Guide

Google Meet is an interactive online video conferencing platform. This platform allows teachers to video conference with students to support their online learning.

Google Meet can be accessed on any device within the browser. If you wish, there is a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices. For either option, you will require a microphone and camera (plus internet connectivity) on the device you wish to use.


Primary School Student Agreement - Remote Learning

  • Students will need to use their SCAS Google login when entering a Google Meet.

  • The Google Meet link is unique for your child's class and is displayed at the top of their Google Classroom.

  • Be sure to use the Google Chrome browser

  • Never share the Google Meet code with students from outside your immediate class or invite other people from outside of SCAS.

  • In Google Meet classrooms there are expectations;

    • Focus, engage and participate

    • Treat the session like any normal school day.

    • Manners are expected as is your standard of attire and attention.

    • Students should ensure that what is seen in the background of their video is appropriate for public viewing, i.e. they should be seated at a desk, in an office or suitable household space. Not in bedrooms and wearing smart casual clothes.

    • You are expected for the duration of the lesson. This IS NOT an opportunity to check-in and leave.

    • Video recordings, screen grabs or screen recording are not permitted. Any sharing of this material is a breach of the Student Technology Agreement and Social Media Policy.

    • Ensure that you have good Internet connectivity.

  • You are expected to participate in all activities as directed.

  • Notify the classroom teacher for any technical problems immediately.

Step 1: Open the link to join Meet

When your child's teacher is hosting a Google Meet, they will share the link through your child's Google Classroom.

Step 2: Install the Google Meet app (optional)

If you are using a mobile device such as a phone or iPad, you may need to install the Google Meet app. It's free for all platforms. When you try to open the Meet link it should open your device's App Store if the app is not already installed.

This step is not required on a computer or laptop as Meet can be accessed through your web browser.

Step 3: Allow Access

Google Meet may request access to use your device's microphone and camera.

By clicking Allow you will be able to use these tools during your meeting.

Once access is allowed, it can be switched off during the meeting if you do not wish to share video or need to mute your microphone.

Web browser example

Mobile device example

Step 4: Join the Meet

When you are ready, click on the link on Google Classroom.

Web browser example

Mobile device example

Google Meet Options

From your device you can control the following:

1. Microphone: Clicking on the microphone allows you to toggle between accessing your microphone and muting it.

2. Phone: Clicking on the red phone receiver will end your call. (NOTE: If you click this in error, you return to the original link and join again).

3. Video: Clicking on the video camera allows you to toggle between accessing your device's camera and turning it off. When accessed, those in the call will see you. When toggled off, those in the call will not be able to see you.

4. Turn on Captions: Clicking the captions icon will turn on Closed Captions and show a "text" version of the audio being shared.