Lost Property

All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly labelled with a child’s full name (not just initials) so that any lost items may be returned to the student without delay.

Items of lost property are kept in a Lost Property room next to the First Aid Clinic (Building 8) until the end of each term. The Lost Property room can only be accessed by students during Short Break, however parents are welcome to come and look for lost property at any time, but we would ask that you sign in at the School Front Office before proceeding to the Lost Property room.

Lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles left in the playground will be placed into Lost Property if they are labelled and clean. Items that contain food will be disposed of at the end of each week due to the growth of mould and attraction to vermin and insects.

Any unclaimed property will be donated to First Aid or Anglicare at the end of the school year.