Uniform Guidelines for School Photography Days

Each year professional school photographs are taken of our students who the School uses in our yearbook ‘The Chameleon’ and in our newsletters and other publications. Each student’s appearance must reflect a positive image of the school. Therefore we ask for your assistance in ensuring that appropriate student dress and grooming is in place on photo days.

All students are required to adhere to the following dress and grooming guidelines. Please refer to the Uniform Information page for more comprehensive information regarding the School’s uniform guidelines.

  • Students are to wear full winter uniforms, including a tie. For Years 7 to 10, this includes the navy school jumper.

  • For Year 10, the blazer is optional for individual photos but not permissible for group photos.

  • Year 11 and 12 students must wear the school blazer for individual and group photos.

  • Blouses and skirts should be clean and worn appropriately with the top collar button done up and no sleeves rolled up. Any garment worn under the blouse or shirt should not be visible. Skirts are to be at knee length.

  • Girls’ hair should be neat, tidy and off the face. Girls with hair longer than shoulder length should have all hair tied back (i.e. no hair should be hanging loose) with a suitable headband, hair tie or ribbon. All hair accessories are to be white, navy or maroon only.

  • Boys’ hair should be neat and tidy. Boys’ hair must not be longer than the top of their collar.

  • Shoes are to be clean and polished.

  • Students should not be wearing nail polish or noticeable makeup.

  • Earrings are to be plain gold or silver studs (not larger than a match head) or plain gold or silver sleepers - one pair only.

  • Watches are to be of a conservative style.

  • Senior girls are not to wear the grey pants for school photographs.

We thank you for your assistance in ensuring that your student adheres to the School Uniform Guidelines.