School Photographs

Official School photographs are taken each year, usually in Term 3, using an external photography company, The School Photographer (TSP).  These include class and year group photos, special group photos, and individual ID photos. 

Prior to photo day, parents will be sent an email from the School with details of the dates for the photo days, and a link to TSP's secure online payment system to enable them to order and pay for their child's photos. School photos and sibling photos can only be ordered online through the TSP website. Unfortunately the School Office is unable to take payment or accept orders. 

Ordering Procedure and Payment

Ordering can be completed online only, and there will be no envelopes sent home with students. Full details regarding photo pack options and how to make payment are available each year on The School Photographer's website A unique online ordering code will be sent to parents in the email from the School prior to photo day to allow them to complete their order. Sibling photos must also be ordered and paid for online prior to the cut off date.  

Uniform for School Photographs

It is essential that all students wear their full formal winter uniform. Please refer to the Uniform Guidelines for further information regarding the correct uniform requirements. We appreciate your efforts to ensure that students are well prepared and presented for these photo days. If your child has PE classes, sport or other commitments which require their sport uniform on these days, they are asked to wear their full winter uniform and bring their sports uniform in their bag to change into before or after their photographs.

Sibling Photo Information

Sibling photos are usually organised to be taken before school onboth the Primary and Secondary photo days, and also the back-up photo day. Sibling photos will be available only for children attending St Columba Anglican School. Parents who organise and pay for a sibling photograph should ensure that they advise their children of this arrangement. Unfortunately it is not possible for the School or photographer to locate children on the day. If your child is absent for any reason or you have any questions regarding the sibling photos, please contact The School Photographer on 02 9674 9824 to discuss. 

Absent Student Photographs  

Any student who is absent on the main photo days will have the opportunity to have their individual and sibling photograph taken at the backup session. This date will be advised to parents in an email from the School. Unfortunately students who are absent from the initial photo day will be absent from the class photo/year group photos