First Aid and Illness

Students should not be sent to school if they are ill. However, if a student becomes sick during the day, the First Aid Room is available in the Deutschbein Building (Building 8) at the rear of the Library near the Attendance Office.

Any accident or illness that occurs during the day must be reported immediately to a staff member. Minor injuries are treated at school, and the First Aid Room is used in cases of mild illness where a short recovery period is envisaged.

In more severe cases, or where it is clear the student will not return to class, parents will be contacted to arrange transport home. If the injury/illness is deemed to be serious, an ambulance will be called. Where parents cannot be contacted, persons listed as emergency contacts will be telephoned. Please ensure your contact details are up to date. Students should not contact their parents to request to go home on their own behalf.

The First Aid Room is staffed by First Aiders and offers First Aid only. Any health enquiries and issues should be directed to your local Doctor.

Students undertaking their Higher School Certificate can apply for illness/misadventure provisions where appropriate. Students should seek advice from the Director of Teaching and Learning as soon as the circumstances of the illness/ misadventure permit.

See also Medication.