BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

The Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program at SCAS has been established to improve learning outcomes with educational technology and is reviewed as technology and the needs of teaching and learning shifts. The ubiquitous nature of technology and the learning opportunities provided for students makes a laptop an important learning tool. Much of the student work on devices in both Primary and Secondary School involves using the Google suite of products.

Each student in Years 5 to 12 is expected to bring a device each day and to maintain it as their own property. Students in Years 3 and 4 are also able to bring a personal device to school but it is in no way an expectation.

BYOT Laptop Recommendations Primary School:

From 2020, we are bringing Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) closer to our secondary school recommendations by removing tablets and requiring devices to have a full keyboard. As such any Windows, Mac or Chromebook laptop will suit the purposes for Stage 3. Please note that some of the Secondary School software is not supported on Chromebooks and parents may wish to consider how they future proof their investment so their chosen device has a desirable lifespan for the duration of Primary and Secondary School.

BYOT Laptop Recommendations Secondary School:

In Secondary School we have identified that laptops (not including Chromebooks) allow students to install the full range of software available. Students in Secondary will use the Adobe suite and specialist software and hardware required by faculties such as Technology, HSIE and Music. SCAS does have a limited number of higher-end school devices available for specialist use (e.g. 3D printing, intensive Adobe video editing software and specialist music software). These are generally shared among several classes and may not be available in all circumstances, which may limit a student’s ability to fully engage in some tasks. A functional and suitable BYOT laptop is both a requirement and a wise investment to ensure uninterrupted learning at home and school.

BYOT Requirements for Secondary Students

The devices listed below are recommendations only and provide a suitable foundation for hardware comparison. There are four tiers for parents to consider.

A range of local and online suppliers have the laptops indicated below as SCAS options. Students and their parents and caregivers are solely responsible for the care, maintenance and damage of their devices. Students bring their devices onto the school site at their own risk.

In 2020, we are bringing Years 5 and 6 closer to our Secondary School recommendations by removing tablets and requiring devices to have a full keyboard. As such any Windows, Mac or Chromebook laptop will suit the purposes for Years 5 and 6, but parents may wish to consider how they future-proof their purchase if considering a Chromebook or iPad, as in Secondary School they are no longer deemed appropriate.

We recognise that a number of families may have already made purchases or have existing devices and acknowledge that the full effects of this change may take a year or two to fully implement. We are not asking parents to purchase new devices where one exists, although all new purchases should be laptops only.