Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Every class in the Primary School has their own Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a class-organisation platform that incorporates Google's core products (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, etc.) so that students can access everything they need for a class, including homework assignments, group projects, links to class resources and announcements. It is an expectation that every student can access their classroom from home if required.

Accessing Google Classroom

While our primary aged students are usually confident accessing the classrooms on their own (and will do this regularly at school), some of our young students will need your support to help them to log into the classroom. We are not encouraging the use of the chat component of this classroom.

The technical requirements for the website are minimal, as generally, it is text-based instructions. Your child can access Google Classroom using a mobile device (by downloading the app on iPhone/iPad or Android) or on a computer (Mac, PC, or Chromebook) by visiting the website The requirements around internet connectivity and data are quite low and it operates fine even on mobile data.

Google Meet links are found on the top left of the Google Classroom page OR posted as the first link in the Google Classroom stream.

Students will use their school-provided email address to log in to Google Classroom. Parents do not have direct access to Classroom but are welcome to log in with their student to review course content and assist their child.

Logging On

Your child's user name is their email address on the front of their Student diary, e.g.

All Kindergarten to Year 3 student passwords are: scas1234 (new students will also have this password)

Each Google Classroom has been set up by the class teacher and has its own unique code below which only needs to be entered the first time.

Stage 1

KF: n4ssfoj

KJ: a6hmy3o

KN: orpfuld

1H: a55cmyw

1L: 3bbs4di

1R: ces7kdx

2B: genobs5

2L: rfxveua

2R: hpipmva

Stage 2

3H: rpsx6fh

3J: l62sg6n

3L: kd5chto

4B: g6sfuyl

4H: neh4qay

4P: gurxoz2

Stage 3

5B: inomolo

5J: maruw2c

5M: gthjhqn

6B: vut5hxm

6G: epvuslt

6L: wpuo6wt

When entering the website, select “join class” on the top right and then enter the class code.

Should you have any problems logging on or you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please contact