Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classrooms are set up for each child's class, from Kindergarten through to Year 10. This is where homework is accessed for students in K-2 as well as class learning activities from Year 3-10

Accessing Google Classroom 

While our primary aged students are usually confident accessing the classrooms on their own (and will do this regularly at school), some of our young students will need your support to help them to log into the classroom. We are not encouraging the use of the chat component of this classroom. 

Students will use their school-provided email address to log in to Google Classroom. Parents do not have direct access to Classroom but are welcome to log in with their children's email to review course content and assist their child. Each Google Classroom has been set up by the class teacher and has its own unique code which only needs to be entered the first time. This code will be listed in your Child's Diary. 

The technical requirements for the website are minimal, as generally, it is text-based instructions. There are apps for (iPad/iPhone), Android, or you can simply visit the website on any Internet-accessible device or computer with a browser. The requirements around internet connectivity and data are quite low and it operates fine even on mobile data.  For students in Years 5-12, expectations around our BYOT policy are detailed here. 

Logging On

Your child's user name is their email address on the front of their Student diary, e.g.

All Kindergarten to Year 2 student passwords are recorded in their School Diary. Parents should contact their child’s classroom teacher if they need assistance.

Students in Years 3-6 will have their own unique password. This is the password they use to log into their school email. Please contact the school if your child has forgotten their password and it will be reset to our default password.

Teachers encourage parents, where possible, to work with their child to access the Google Classroom so that they become familiar with the content and procedures that students may be required to follow. SCAS is discouraging the use of the chat feature for student communication. If parents or students wish to communicate with their class teacher this should take place through the usual platforms of email or a telephone call. 

Should you have any problems logging on or you do not have access to a computer or the internet, please contact the school at