Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular program at SCAS recognises that education does not only occur in the classroom, but on the sporting fields, practice rooms, stages and many other areas where students might learn and excel.

St Columba students are renowned for the breadth of their talents and achievements. A large part of this comes from taking advantage of the opportunities the school provides both in the classroom and in its Co-Curricular Program. Our programs seeks to inspire interest, encourage passion and develop our students’ talents in the widest possible range of activities.

We believe that, linked to the formal learning offered by St Columba, we will provide our students an education that is more than the sum of marks, rather it is a process that recognises that true learning is ongoing, exciting and the key to long-term individual achievement. The staff who lead these activities are passionate in their approach and eager to support the students in developing their skills, knowledge and passion.

These are just some of the co-curricular opportunities that may be offered at SCAS:

Camps and Outdoor Education

Education beyond the classroom is vital in developing students who will thrive beyond their school experience. The Camp program at St Columba aims to provide all students with the opportunity to access experiences that will challenge them to develop outdoor skills, teamwork and communication, organisational skills and leadership. Our Camp program also provides valuable time for Year Groups to bond and deepen friendships through shared experiences and overcoming adversity.

Year 2 enjoy an overnight experience on the school grounds in Term 4 to prepare for the following year. Years 3, 4 and 5 participate in a compulsory three day camp in Term 1. Year 6 visit our Nation's capital in Term 2 for a four day excursion to Canberra. Our Outdoor Education Camps in Year 7, 8 and 9 also encourage students to engage with the environment and understand the impact humans have upon it.

Outdoor education camps are compulsory components of the School’s curriculum. Parents of students with special medical needs are required to meet with teachers prior to overnight excursions to clarify care routines.

Chess Club

Chess clubs meet weekly in both the Primary School and Secondary School. Students of all abilities are welcome to come along and can play socially or in competition. Chess boards are also permanently set up in the Library so that students can go in and have a game at any time. Chess club is always keen for new players, especially those that don’t know how to play yet, and it is very easy to learn. The Chess teams have the opportunity throughout the year to compete in local and State level competitions.

Secondary School Media Club

The student media club offers Secondary students the opportunity to explore the world of media communication through participation in practical activities. Students in the media club contribute to school social media and publication channels as photographers, videographers, video editors and journalists. Whilst playing a part in capturing and promoting school life, the students can also learn essential skills required for media production. Student driven projects in the past have included SCAS News broadcasts and multimedia contributions to assemblies, displays and school activities.


Students have the opportunity to debate and become members of Debating Teams within the School. Debaters develop the ability to use language appropriately, think in ways that are interpretive and critical, and express their ideas clearly. They also learn to compose and sustain arguments, select and use language forms and features, think critically and interpretively using information and ideas relating to current affairs and question, challenge and evaluate cultural assumptions and the way in which they reflect personal and public worlds. Students also have an opportunity to compete in formal HRIS Debating Competitions.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is open to all students from Year 2 to Year 12 at SCAS and provides the opportunity for them to increase their confidence and ability when communicating with large groups of people. Students develop the skill of using language to communicate ideas effectively. They also think in ways that are imaginative, interpretive and critical, express ideas with clarity and develop the confidence to express themselves and their relationships with others and the world. Students also have the opportunity to enter Public Speaking competitions.

SCAS Vegetable Garden

An organic vegetable garden has been in existence for several years on the SCAS campus and is tended by students, staff and parent volunteers. Each week, work is done to prepare beds, plant seedlings, raise seeds, tend to the plants and have some great interaction with each other out in the fresh air in the process. Students sell their produce to staff, parents and the School Canteen. Money raised is “dug back” into the garden, purchasing new plants, tools and trees.