Co-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular program at SCAS recognises that education does not only occur in the classroom, but on the sporting fields, practice rooms, stages and many other areas where students might learn and excel.

St Columba students are renowned for the breadth of their talents and achievements. A large part of this comes from taking advantage of the opportunities the school provides both in the classroom and in its Co-Curricular Program. Our programs seeks to inspire interest, encourage passion and develop our students’ talents in the widest possible range of activities.

We believe that, linked to the formal learning offered by St Columba, we will provide our students an education that is more than the sum of marks, rather it is a process that recognises that true learning is ongoing, exciting and the key to long-term individual achievement. The staff who lead these activities are passionate in their approach and eager to support the students in developing their skills, knowledge and passion.

A PDF of the Co-curricular Timetable is available here. You can also explore our co-curricular activities and clubs below where you can filter by Year Level or Area (i.e. Performing Arts, Sport, General), or search via keyword.