Co-curricular Activities

What we offer... 

The Co-curricular Program at SCAS recognises that education does not only occur in the classroom but in the sporting fields, practice rooms, stages and many other areas where students might learn and excel. Check out our opportunities page for a cohesive list of what's on offer.

St Columba students are renowned for the breadth of their talents and achievements. A large part of this comes from taking advantage of the school's opportunities both in the classroom and in its Co-curricular Program. Our programs seek to inspire interest, encourage passion and develop our student's talents in the widest possible range of activities.

We believe that linked to the formal learning offered by St Columba, we will provide our students with an education that is more than the sum of marks. Instead, it is a process that recognises that true learning is ongoing, exciting, and the key to long-term individual achievement. The staff who lead these activities are passionate in their approach and eager to support the students in developing their skills, knowledge and passion.

SCAS also offers specialist Co-curricular Plus activities for interested students. These activities may incur a cost and are linked below. 

RAD Ballet Program

ITAP Sport

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child participate?

Select the activities that your child wishes to participate in by looking through the website for the relevant year group and time of the activity. Children do not need to register. Some groups have requirements such as auditions. You can get more information on these requirements by emailing the relevant contact below.

Do we need equipment?

Not generally but it may be that a change of uniform is necessary for a dance or sports activity. A change of shoes for sports skills such as netball or basketball can be helpful but not compulsory. Instruments are required for ensemble groups. Check out the instrument hiring page.

What are the attendance expectations?

Some activities will require regular attendance for students to be considered as a member of the group, for example; Choir, Bands, Drama and Dance.

Students are rehearsing for performances and in fairness to the group, non-attendance impacts both the student's confidence and the planning that has taken place.

Where do Primary students go to find their activity? 

A child attending a morning Co-curricular will need to wait in the SOLA until 8:00am and is asked not to go directly to spaces. Supervision is provided from 7:50am and children cannot arrive earlier than this time. Only a Secondary band program or RAD ballet will commence prior to 8:00am.

Staff running the activity will collect students from the SOLA, and rolls will be formed based on the first few weeks. Not all activities will have an attendance roll, for example, Skipping Club, Kingdom Kids and basketball skills.

Lunchtime groups - Staff will usually remind students during their eating time that a Co-curricular is on that day and where to go.

After School groups are collected from the SOLA and should not proceed to a venue without a staff member.

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PLEASE NOTE: All Primary School students involved in co-curricular activities are to meet at the SOLA where they will be collected by a staff member and taken to their co-curricular location.