Photography and Video at School

Student Photographs and Videos

Under the Privacy Act, the School obtains consent from parents/caregivers at the time of enrolment for the School to publish, exhibit, post, or copy any image photograph, video or film of their child, their child’s performance for their child’s work for student educational purposes and for the promotional or marketing use of the School, and that such consent is given on the understanding that use by the School will be without any acknowledgement, payment, remuneration or compensation. The School undertakes that it will not use the material other than for the purposes specified and for the education of students. Parents who wish to withdraw their consent at any time should contact the School via email to

It is important to remember that students who do not have permission to be photographed will not appear in any school publications, including the School Yearbook, The Chameleon.

Parents taking photos at school events

Parents and carers have long enjoyed photographing their children’s progress at school. Today this often includes sharing the images on social media. When other students in the background are identifiable, there can be concerns if their parents/caregivers have not given permission and the images become public. Some parents and caregivers may have general privacy concerns about images of their children being posted without their consent. There can be real legal or safety concerns for the child or family concerned in some cases. Please keep this in mind when photographing students and posting on social media.

The Privacy Act does not regulate personal photography or recordings by parents/caregivers. Schools are generally not in a position to control the personal photography activities of parents/caregivers or to proactively monitor what they post on social media. Typically, schools have no right to prevent photography in public outside the school grounds unless stalking, harassment or other legal issues arise.