Year 12 Student Expectations

Success in Year 12 is very dependent on a student’s attitude towards their school work, responsibilities and expectations. SCAS values the mature, respectful and responsible conduct and attitude of its senior students and this self-motivated and disciplined approach has resulted in success in the Higher School Certificate as well as in post-school life.

Each parent who enrols their child at St Columba enters into a contract whereby the school offers certain services in terms of education and care. The other side of this contract is that the parent/s accept that the school has the right to impose its rules, expectations of behaviour etc. for the period of enrolment.

The following is a list of the expectations and responsibilities that provide the privileges that are part of a student’s senior year(s) at school.

Signing Out

Student Drivers

Focus Days

Year 12 Jerseys

See information on the wearing of Year 12 Jerseys here.


As noted in the Uniform Policy, as a rite of passage, Year 12 students are permitted to wear either one gold or silver bracelet (no cotton, leather etc) or one ring.