Social Media and Parents

Use of Social Media

Social media can be defined as how we use technology to communicate and connect with others. Despite the range of positive uses for social media, there are also a number of ethical and legal issues associated with its use.

Many people may hold the mistaken belief that anything published online will be without legal consequence. However, parents should be aware that there are a number of potential legal liabilities that may arise, particularly in relation to issues pertaining to reputational damage and defamation.

Parents can ensure they abide by the laws and the School’s expectations of its parents, by complying with the following:

      • The School, its staff and members of its community should not be mentioned or discussed in a negative or defamatory way.
      • Photographs of students in School uniform represent the School and its students, and should not be posted if they have the potential to bring negative connotations towards the School or its staff and students.
      • Photographs or video footage containing other students should not be posted without the express consent of the other child/children’s parents.
      • Email addresses of parents, staff and students should not be given to other people without their express consent.
      • Parents are not permitted to make contact with other students via any form of social media without the express consent of the student’s parents.