Wellbeing Groups

Wellbeing Time occurs twice per week for 30 minutes, during which a structured Social and Emotional learning program is delivered. During this time, the Tutor develops a rapport with students and builds the cohesiveness of the Wellbeing group. The program's content in lower years includes issues such as digital citizenship, forming relationships, effective communication, time management, study skills, cyber safety, resilience, gratitude, empathy and conflict resolution. As students progress through the years, issues such as identity and moral development, safe partying, drug education, career investigation, future study and work options and global issues are explored. The program is fluid and is adjusted from time to time according to student needs. Students focus on the five aspects of the SCAS wellbeing focus, these being: Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Connect and Be Active.

Wellness Week is a chance to focus on these strategies and allows students time to examine their ways of managing their health and wellbeing. It is a week where the whole school partakes in fun and meaningful activities on a grand scale.

Senior students are closely monitored with mentoring or regular Learning Conversations with a designated staff mentor to monitor academic progress, social, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Various Camps, Retreats, Leadership days, commercial productions and guest presenters are organised for each year group to assist in the well-rounded development of students.

Cross school and cross-grade activities are planned during Wellbeing Time to allow interaction between Primary and Secondary students with opportunities for peer support, leadership, learning groups, mentoring, and connections to be fostered.