Hair, Accessories and Presentation

Student Hair Presentation

  • Students’ hair must remain its natural colour. No alteration by rinses or colour washes, dyeing, streaks or foils are permitted at any time. Hair products (such as gel, styling wax, and hairspray) are not acceptable when worn in detectable amounts.

  • Boys’ hair must be styled in a traditional college cut and must not extend past the collar at the back or cover the earlobes. - no undercuts, shave designs or very short (i.e. less than No. 3 clipper) styles are permitted.

  • Girls’ hair of shoulder length must be tied back. Hair should be secured with white, maroon or navy elastic, ribbon or plain scrunchie. No clips, bands or headbands of any other colour are permitted. School sized ribbons can be worn but not large scrunchies or bows with decorative embellishment or textured fabric.

  • The overall look for hair presentation for girls and for boys is neat, off-the-face, conservative.

  • As a general rule, if hair styles are extreme enough to cause comment from others, then students will be required to rectify this in a timely manner. This includes facial hair and eyebrows.


  • Earrings and pierced ears are not permissible for boys. If a girl’s ears are pierced, only a single pair of small sleepers or small plain studs (no larger than a match head) may be worn, these are to be gold or silver only with no stones. These are to be worn in the lowest hole, if the earlobe has been pierced twice. Visible body art, facial piercings and tattoos are not permitted.

  • Only St Columba Anglican School Badges are to be worn on the School Blazer.

  • Watch faces and watch bands are to be of a conservative style and complementary to the School uniform.

  • Students may wear a small cross and chain, but the chain must be long enough for the cross to remain inside the student’s clothing. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, glitter, stickers, bangles and anklets are not permitted.

  • As a rite of passage, Year 12 girls are permitted to wear either one bracelet or one ring.

  • Any accessories must be in a navy that matches the school navy blue, including woollen scarves and gloves which must be worn with the uniform after putting on the jumper.

General Appearance and Presentation

  • Blouses and shirts should be clean and fully tucked in for boys. Both girls and boys should wear their blouses or shirts appropriately with their top collar button done up and no sleeves rolled up with the winter uniform. Any garment worn under the blouse or shirt is not to be visible.

  • Girls' skirts should be knee length.

  • Sports shorts should be of a reasonable length and fit, and not be tight fitting.

  • No make-up including tinted foundation, tinted face cream, mascara, tinted eyebrows or lashes, tanning products or any other products that give an appearance of wearing make-up.

  • No nail polish or false fingernails are permitted.

  • Students must wear SCAS Sports socks, available from the Uniform Shop, during sports days and grey socks for boys and navy socks for girls with their Winter and Summer uniforms.

  • The Sports cap is not to be worn with the Summer and Winter uniforms in Primary School.

Our students are our ambassadors, and should show pride in their School through high standards of presentation, both personally and in the wearing of their uniform.

Where appropriate to do so, the School will consider the application of anti-discrimination laws when applying the Uniform Policy.