The School Council

The role of the School Council

The government and management of the School shall be the responsibility of the St Columba Anglican School Council constituted with the powers and functions contained within the Ordinance under which it operates.

Within the limits of the ordinance and Diocesan regulation, School Council has responsibility for:

  • Goal-setting and long term planning

  • Selection, appraisal and pastoral care for the Principal

  • Budget control and financial management

  • Political matters, promotion and public relations of the School

  • Finance: fee structure, fund-raising policy and government grants

  • Industrial relations: provision of remuneration and conditions

  • Provision of land, buildings and other capital improvements

  • Maintenance and provision of resources and equipment

  • Legal matters

School Council delegates authority to the Principal to manage the daily operation of the School and the implementation of policy. It also delegates authority to committees to allow various matters to be researched and discussed prior to consideration by School Council.

School Council committees, not including ad-hoc committees, are:

  • Finance Committee

  • Needs Assessment Committee

Generally, School Council ensures that the overall direction and operation of the School is in accordance with the agreed Vision Statement.

School Council Members

Please visit our website to see the current members of the St Columba Anglican School Council.