Parking, Pick Up and Drop Off

Due to the streets surrounding the School having minimal parking, we have a drop-off and pickup procedure that involves a Kiss and Drop Zone directly out the front of the School. Our drop off and pick up procedures aim to ensure the safety and welfare of students and minimise traffic frustration for families and the local community. Please note that the Kiss and Drop area is in constant use, and parents and visitors should not park in this area at any time of the day or night. Parents and visitors to SCAS are not permitted to park in the allocated sign-marked parking spots near the SOLA entrance (Car Park C in the diagram below). Please do not park in the Bus Zone or No Parking Zone at any time.

Morning Drop Off

Parents can park in the Kiss and Drop Zone for no longer than three minutes whilst children are dropped off in the mornings. Cars must then move on to keep this area clear.

Afternoon Pick Up

Dismissal times each afternoon are 3.00pm for Kindergarten students, 3.10pm for Years 1 and 2, and 3.20pm for Years 3 to 6.

Parents are asked not to wait in the SOLA for their students, as this has caused concern with the ability of staff to supervise children at this busy part of the day. There are plenty of seats outside the Primary Canteen for parents to wait. Staff will bring children to this area.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 parents will be provided access to the car Kiss and Drop zone before 3:20pm. Years 3 to 6 parents will be asked to wait until 3:15pm for the K-2 pick up to be completed. Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 children with older siblings will be asked to wait for their older siblings in the supervised area as cars will not be permitted to wait in the pickup zone.

Primary School Students must be collected by 3:45pm from outside the Canteen or Kiss and Drop. All children in Kindergarten to Year 6 who have not been collected by 3:45pm must attend OSHC (Out of School Hours Care for students).

The following guidelines apply for an afternoon pick up from the Kiss and Drop zone:

  • A sign will be issued to all parents with your surname. Please place this sign on your car's dashboard when you are pulling up to the Kiss and Drop zone. If you require a replacement sign or have not received one, please email the School at

  • Staff with walkie-talkies will be on duty each afternoon to monitor pick up via the Kiss and Drop zone and will radio through the student's surname(s) required as the car approaches. Students will then come forward.

  • If your child is not at the Kiss and Drop zone when you arrive, you are required to circle around the block and rejoin the line. This system works extremely well when cars keep moving, remembering they are only permitted to ‘stop’ for 3 minutes.

Port Macquarie Hastings Council rangers patrol the area around the school from time to time, so please be mindful when parking in surrounding streets not to park on grassed verges or across driveways.