Student Transport


Bus services are provided for the School to ensure the safe transport of students to and from school. The State government provides free bus transport for most of our students through a School Travel Pass. The School Travel Pass gives eligible school students free travel to and from home and school on approved bus services during the school term. Students with a disability who cannot travel to and from school under the School Student Transport Scheme may be eligible for assistance under the Assisted School Travel Program. Please get in touch with the School for more information.

For more information and how to apply, please visit Transport NSW. Students are required to show their Travel Pass and only use their bus pass for the direct journey to and from the address as shown on their bus pass. If you move house, you must apply for a new bus pass.

Students are also expected to behave appropriately whilst travelling to and from school. Any concerns regarding the bus services should be directed to Busways Port Macquarie. Concerns regarding student conduct on buses should be directed to the Head of School. Up to date timetables may be obtained from the Busways website.

Rural students can also apply for a School Drive Subsidy. Individual families need to decide which is the best option for their particular circumstances.

Bicycles and Walking

If you come to school on a bicycle, please use the bicycle racks either outside the Iona Sports Centre or beside the outdoor sports courts. Students are to walk their bikes whilst inside the School grounds. Make sure it is marked and consider using a padlock.

Remember to follow all safety precautions whilst riding a bicycle, including wearing a well-fitted, and Australian Standard approved helmet.

Walkers must enter the school using allocated footpaths and gates. It is preferred if our Kindergarten to Year 2 students are in the company of a parent/caregiver or older sibling when walking/riding to school.

Student Drivers

Licensed students who wish to drive to school must complete a Student Driver Request Form. Students who wish to be driven to or from school by a student driver must complete a Student Passenger Request Form. These forms are available from the Secondary School Office. Parking arrangements will be as directed by the Head of Secondary School.