Parent Assistance and Volunteering

St Columba Anglican School works in partnership with our families to give our students care and attention to assist in the development of their confidence - one of the foundations for learning success. Effective education is only achieved in partnership with the home. SCAS has an active school community and warmly welcomes the involvement of parents and carers in the classroom, sports, co-curricular and community activities and programs. Active parent groups, such as the Parents and Friends Association, work to support the school and raise money for many important and worthwhile facilities. In Primary School, Grandparents and VIP Day is held each year where grandparents are invited to spend the morning in their grandchild's class.

Volunteering at the School

St Columba Anglican School welcomes and highly values the help of parents and others such as retirees, grandparents and friends who give their time and assistance to increase the opportunities our students have access to. Our school’s volunteers are involved in a wide range of programs and services including coaching sporting teams, helping children in class activities, assisting in the School Canteen and membership in parent groups such as the Parents and Friends Association. 

To be able to volunteer, parents must complete the School's Volunteers Code of Conduct Declaration form. Community members who are not associated with the School would also need to have a current Working With Children Check.  These documents should be completed and either emailed to the School or dropped into our Front Reception Office. Parents should also be fully vaccinated, and free from any flu-like symptoms when coming onto campus to volunteer. 

Working With Children Checks

All parent volunteers assisting students other than their own, or attending overnight excursions/camps, must submit a Working with Children check number and their birthdate to the Front Reception for verification before commencing their volunteer work. You can apply online via the Children’s Guardian website. You will then receive an application number via email. This application number and proof of identity then needs to be taken to a Service NSW Centre. There is no fee for volunteers unless they are engaged in other child-related employment.

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.

SCAS.FAN – Family Aid Network

SCAS.FAN is an informal network of school volunteers who have offered to help when members of our school community need a little support during times of ill health, fatigue, employment difficulties, family crisis or bereavement. Volunteers can help with transport to and from school or to after school activities, arrange to meet and have a cup of coffee and a chat, organise a meal or some home help such as ironing or mowing, or even arrange an evening's respite by organising a sleepover for the family's children in a school friend's home. A number of SCAS community members have already volunteered and are providing their help to families who are in need of assistance. If you would like to place your name on our list of volunteers, please send us an email with the type of assistance you are able to provide. If you are a member of the SCAS community in need of assistance of any kind, contact us and we will arrange to meet with you and organise help and support. All requests will be treated with the strictest of confidence. Please consider volunteering as a member of SCAS.FAN and help us build a sense of belonging in our school community. For more information on SCAS.FAN, click here.

Parent Access to Classrooms

Teachers welcome parents to classrooms in many instances when the appropriate request has been made. In the interests of maintaining a high level of safety within the School grounds, any parent, friend or visitor coming into the School must sign in at the Front Reception and take a Visitor's lanyard before proceeding onto the School grounds. This includes parents on regular rosters, for example, reading groups or classroom helpers. Visitors are to sign out and return their pass prior to leaving the School grounds. Should there be genuine concerns that need to be raised with a staff member, these are best handled in the course of a pre-arranged interview that respects the privacy of all concerned. Teacher interviews can be arranged through Front Reception.

Parent Attendance at School Events

It is important for parents to engage with the School by supporting and attending SCAS events. It is expected that parents will attend the following events:

In addition, parents are encouraged to attend: 

Parent, Caregiver and Volunteer Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Volunteers

Volunteers Code of Conduct Declaration

Copies of the Declaration document are also available from the School Front Reception. Signed Declarations should be returned to the Front Reception.