Photographing or Filming Staff and Students

Any photographing or filming of a teacher or any staff member by a student/s or distribution of staff images without the teacher’s specific permission will be viewed as a severe breach of School rules and may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or even expulsion.

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common for students to use their phones to record (audio and video) teachers and for these recordings to be used in complaints against them.

Making films on a smartphone or using surveillance and listening devices raises essential issues such as consent and privacy.

Students should not record, upload or distribute in any other way visual and auditory material concerning staff and other students.

The law prohibits students from creating fake online profiles for teachers. But it makes it a crime to post real images or make any statement online, even if it's true, that provokes harassment.

Playing a recording to anyone other than the parties to the activity is “publication”. The exceptions to this rule include publication “to protect lawful interests”, or in the course of “legal or disciplinary proceedings”. These circumstances are very narrow. For example, a student merely complaining to the school about a teacher is not the protection of “lawful interests”.