School Event Calendar

We're excited to share our new School Event Calendar with you. The new Calendar is designed to make life easier for our families and keep you more connected with what's happening in our community. You can quickly search for events, filter events between different areas like Primary School, Secondary School, Performing Arts and Sport Competitions, and even subscribe for updates. You can also RSVP and purchase tickets for selected events.

There are three ways to view the Event Calendar and these can be changed by selecting the icons along the top. If you click on a calendar item, you will be able to access more information. We hope you find it a useful tool.

If you have any suggestions or questions, we would love to hear from you. Just fill out our feedback form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to a calendar?

There is a Subscribe button located at both the top and bottom of the calendar. You can use either of these buttons 'subscribe' to our School Event Calendar.  Upon clicking, you will be prompted to select the calendar app you use (current options are Apple, Google,, Office 365, and Outlook).

By subscribing to the calendar, you will see the events inside of your own calendar application on your computer, phone or whatever device you use to view your digital calendar. Events will automatically be added or updated when the School adds new events or changes the dates/times of an event.

How do I use filters?

Filters enable you to find the events you're looking for quickly and easily. To filter events, click the "Filter" button at the top of the calendar, next to the search icon. You can currently filter by Primary School, Secondary School, Whole School, Sports Competition, Performing Arts Event, Public Holiday and School Holiday. By selecting one or more filters, the calendar will only display events that fit into that category.

How do I use search?

You can search for an event using the search functionality, which is accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top of the calendar. You can use search terms such as "musical" or "Kindergarten" to find specific events.

What is the best way to view the calendar?

There are three ways to view the Event Calendar and these can be changed by selecting the icons along the top. There is the Traditional Calendar View, which is represented by a 'calendar page' icon, and this view works great for desktop computers, laptops and most tablets. For viewing on a phone or small tablet, the List View (represented by four horizontal lines) and the Grid View (represented by a grid of four squares) will work best.