Student Code of Conduct

The fundamental expectation governing student conduct is that each student should behave in a manner that respects others. Students are expected to treat others in the manner they would wish to be treated themselves. The best possible conduct is expected from all students at all times. Poor behaviour cannot be accepted. Students are expected to behave appropriately as ambassadors of your school and country (if travelling overseas).

While on an excursion or school visit, students are expected to be courteous, punctual and obedient to instructions given by their instructors and are expected to attend all classes and planned activities. Students must inform staff of all movements, and a safety requirement of students of at least three in a group is expected for all activities.

In all circumstances, behaviour that is not in accord with St Columba Anglican School expectations and is unacceptable will be met with appropriate disciplinary action by the attending staff.

The following are some examples of unacceptable behaviour:

  • Bad language, abusive speech

  • Consumption of alcohol

  • Smoking cigarettes or using illegal or other substances

  • Harassing or bullying behaviour, including teasing

  • Sexual harassment

  • Racism in any form, including negative comments

  • Fighting, whether verbal or physical

  • Purchase and use of fireworks and replica (BB) guns

  • Behaviour that is dangerous to themselves or others

  • Breaking the law of the country

  • Dressing inappropriately (bare midriffs, miniskirts, shoestring straps, visible underwear)

  • There will be no boys in girls’ rooms and no girls in boys’ rooms at any time

In serious circumstances, student’s parents/caregivers will be contacted and students dealt with by the school on their return.

Students will endeavour to communicate any difficulty of a personal, financial or social nature to one of the supervising teachers so that the harmony of the group can be safeguarded at all times.