Technology Policies

Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Policy


The ubiquitous and diverse technologies at SCAS promote the development of 21st Century skills and engaged learning. Schooling must match technological advancements and help prepare students for the modern networked workforce and world. SCAS utilises a BYOT policy to enhance and support learning. 

Please note that the SCAS cannot accept responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any personal property belonging to staff or students.


Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Policy

Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Students need to know that it is unlawful to use mobile phones or electronic devices to:

In addition:

Uphold Laws regarding Copyright and Intellectual Property

Safeguard Security Data and Information

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Technology Policy for Students

At St Columba Anglican School, generative AI tools are used to support and enhance teaching and learning. Students are supported to use generative AI tools ethically in both their classwork and assessment tasks. Learning designed for students, including assessment tasks, clearly outlines how generative AI tools should or should not be used. In all contexts, students must provide an acknowledgement of any generative AI used as a part of their assessment task and not claim work generated by any AI tool to be entirely their own creation. This acknowledgement should declare which tools were used and provide a list of all prompts that were entered to generate any information for the task. When using image generating AI, students are required to provide the output images generated and any reference images entered into the tool. Students are also required to make specific references to AI generated work when used throughout their task, as they would when citing other information sources.