SCOSA Alumni Association

St Columba Anglican School’s first graduates were the class of 2007. In that year, 18 students graduated. Since then, our Year 12 numbers have grown considerably, and we have had hundreds of graduates join our alumni.

Many schools and universities attempt to keep in touch with their graduates for a variety of reasons. Over the years a student attends SCAS, be it thirteen years, six years or one year, relationships develop that often endure. Everyone has their favourite story from their school days, and most of us are at least a little curious about what each of our former peers might be up to. Each year at our Graduation ceremony, our departing Year 12s are issued with a “St Columba Old Scholars’ Association” (SCOSA) badge to symbolise our desire to have an ongoing connection with our graduates. This is the first step in the formation of alumni.

Schools have a responsibility to look out for their graduates and continue assisting them as they adjust to life outside of school. We want to prepare our graduates with skills and knowledge to take on the world, and our teachers love nothing more than to hear of the exploits of their former students. We celebrate their achievements and mourn their losses. Past students can play an important role in the School community. They can offer valuable support, advice and assistance, and mentors can provide current students with exciting opportunities and guidance as they share their experiences of the world. The relationship is symbiotic. SCAS has had several former students complete teaching practicums with us, complete traineeships with us and even work for us.

Welcoming our Alumni is an exciting development in the life of the School. St Columba will be enriched by the experiences and expertise of our former students, and they, in turn will have lifelong connections to the institution which helped them start their adult lives.

For more information on our Old Scholars Association, please email us or check out the SCOSA Facebook page.