Messages to Students

Changes to Going Home Arrangements and Appointments

To ensure the least possible disruption to classes, we ask that parents inform students before they arrive at school of any changes to transport or afternoon pick-up arrangements. If your child has an appointment during the day please put a note in their diary (Kindergarten to Year 6), write a handwritten note for the teacher, or email with the details. This will allow your child to leave class at the appropriate time and make their way to the Front Office to meet you.

The School Office often receives phone calls late in the school day requesting office staff to convey messages to students regarding changes to going home arrangements. Our staff are very happy to convey messages to students, but it is important to note that students are often on Sport or other out-of-class activities, and we cannot always guarantee that messages received late in the afternoon are able to be delivered in time. Wherever possible please let your child know before school of their end-of-day arrangements. We understand that there are times when an emergency arises and changes to arrangements need to be passed on, and we will always try our best to ensure that this happens.

If you have a message you require to be passed on to your child, please telephone the Front Office on 6581 4188 to be connected with the Primary or Secondary Office. Please do not leave voicemail messages for going-home arrangements or messages that require urgent attention on the Primary or Secondary telephone extension if there is no answer. For Secondary students, there is also the option of emailing them at their school email address, which is the student name hyphenated (i.e. Students are reminded to check their email accounts regularly.

We would prefer that you do not contact your child during the day via their technological devices, but rather leave a message via the School Front Office.

Forgotten Items

It is every student's responsibility to bring to school their classroom supplies, homework, sports clothes, lunch or lunch money, and anything else they need at school, and it is important for students to learn to handle this responsibility. If your child forgets items, we encourage you to allow them to learn from the experience. If parents do bring in items for collection by students, please understand that although we will try our best, with almost 1200 students on site it is sometimes difficult to get messages to students to remind them to collect items.