Behaviour in the Playground

Most days, students can spend break times outside in various areas of the school. The following rules apply when students are in and around the campus:

  • Running is not permitted on any concrete areas, near buildings, stairways and verandahs.
  • Students must stay within their designated areas and must not enter areas assigned to others.
  • Ball games are not to be played on the verandahs.
  • All car parks are out of bounds and must not be entered unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Technology is not permitted to be used during break times, and before and after school unless specific teacher permission has been given.
  • Rough play or behaviour such as tackling, pushing or punching or similar are not permitted.
  • Toilets are to be used in a sensible manner. They are to be kept as clean as possible at all times.
  • No student is to leave the school grounds during the normal school day without following the procedures for early departures.