Excursions, Incursions, Performances and Camps

During the year, a number of excursions and performances are organised in order to extend and enhance our students' learning experiences. 

Year Camps are considered to be compulsory and therefore the cost for these activities has been included in the Camp, Activity and Resource (CAR) Fee. This Fee is an annual charge that covers the cost of activities that are considered compulsory to the core academic and pastoral curriculum of the School. Excursions of a co-curricular nature, electives, elective sport, Duke of Edinburgh and activities of a similar nature, and some representative sport may incur additional costs.

Outdoor Education is a valued part of the school curriculum. The activities are designed to offer learning experiences and team building activities that cannot be offered in the formal school environment. The School takes great care to organise value-for-money camps that challenge and extend students’ intellectual, physical and social gifts and capacities. Camps are run by School staff assisted by qualified specialist instructors wherever they are required.

Details of excursions will be emailed prior to the event with an information note and request for permission to be given via the Parent Portal. For all excursions, the purpose, cost, itinerary, activities, medical, conduct code and standard of dress will be available via the Parent Portal. Students are unable to participate without parent/caregiver permission. Parents of students with special medical needs are required to meet with teachers prior to overnight excursions to clarify care routines.

Attendance at camps and excursions is a privilege and students are expected to represent the School in an exemplary manner whilst on these activities. Students who are not able to conduct themselves in a fitting manner in the lead up to such programs may not be allowed to attend. Additionally, if students misbehave during such activities, parents may be called to collect their child from the venue.

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