Sport at SCAS aims to achieve excellence by pursuing sports performance while fostering participation and involvement.

A diversified co-curricular sporting program offers students the opportunity to participate in a range of individual and team sports and provides pathways to representative selection. Sporting excellence is underpinned by structuring involvement and exposure to various selected sports for all students and developing and enhancing sports performance through participation in strategic initiatives for selected students. SCAS is recognised for sporting success at a local, regional, state and national level.

At SCAS, we recognise that regular participation in sport and physical activity is associated with a range of physical and mental health benefits both in childhood and adulthood. SCAS sport provides a foundation for several social, physical, emotional and moral learnings and is recognised as an essential expression of our culture. Active children generally become healthy adults, and SCAS seeks to contribute to that outcome by providing or facilitating the opportunity for all students to participate in a range of challenging and enjoyable sporting experiences.

All students participate in School Sport every week. The School Sports program encompasses various sports and physical activities, including non-traditional sport options such as surfing, martial arts, skateboard riding, mountain biking and yoga. Sport is conducted on campus, utilising SCAS facilities, and off-site with external providers in the local area.

SCAS enjoys the use of a wide range of sporting facilities, including:

  • Double court indoor sports centre (for basketball, netball, futsal, volleyball and more)

  • Cardio & Weights Gymnasium

  • 400m Athletics Track

  • Tennis Courts

  • Rugby Field

  • Soccer Field

  • Cricket Nets/Pitch

  • General Purpose Oval

  • Cross Country Track (Googik Track)

St Columba representative teams compete in Hunter Region Independent Schools (HRIS) Gala Days and/or Inter-School competitions in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Rugby League, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Touch Football, Futsal, Cricket, Mountain Biking, Equestrian and Golf.

Talented athletes are provided with the opportunity to represent at HRIS, the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES), NSW Combined Independent Schools (CIS) and NSW All-Schools levels progressing to representation at the highest standard in an NSW All-Schools team at a National level.

School Sports Days

Primary School students in Years 5 and 6 typically have their Sports day each Wednesday. PE/Sport is compulsory for all students in Primary School, and the SCAS Sports Uniform is required to be worn on designated sports days.

Years 7 and 8 have compulsory Sport on Mondays, and Years 9 and 10 have compulsory Sport on Fridays. Full Sports Uniform is required to be worn for those days. Students are expected to take transport that the School has arranged to and from sports activities completed off-site.

Students will make a sports selection in the preceding term. Parents/caregivers will then be informed via email. They will need to visit the Parent Portal to accept their child’s participation and pay the cost associated with the selected sport (where applicable).

Participation in Sport and Physical Education

The school is based upon holistic development, and therefore the curriculum includes Physical Education and Sport. If for medical or other valid reasons, a student is unable to participate in sport, physical education or training on a particular day, the student must bring in a note signed by a parent/caregiver. Students should show this to their teacher before the lesson. It is not appropriate for parents/caregivers to permit for students to miss sport for unreasonable requests.

The Iona Talented Achievers Program (ITAP)

The Iona Talented Achievers Program: Athletes is a multi-faceted sporting program available to students in Years 7 to 12, with the overall goal of inspiring young athletes to pursue excellence in their sport while maintaining their academic pursuits.

The program aims to provide extra support for our aspiring and elite athletes and provide a platform for all students, helping them improve and pursue excellence in their sport, no matter their ability or representative level. ITAP also promotes a holistic approach to sport, fitness, exercise, health and wellbeing throughout the School community. Contact the Sports Department for more information.