RAD Ballet Program

Welcome to St Columba Anglican School’s Royal Academy of Dance after-hours program for 2021. Our highly experienced team are thrilled to have you and your child embark on this new and exciting journey with us.

Outlined below is some important information regarding the operational side of the program.

Pick up and Drop off arrangements for Kindergarten students

Before School Lessons

For all before-school lessons, RAD Ballet students must not arrive prior to 7.40 am. Parents are to take their children to the Front Portico where a member of our RAD Ballet team will collect them and walk them up to the studio for their lesson. It is important that parents are aware that when dropping off their child they must park their car and walk students in to meet the RAD Ballet staff member and not use the Kiss and Drop area.

Please be advised that siblings not participating in RAD Ballet are not permitted to be waiting while their sibling is attending a lesson. These students will be required to adhere to normal school protocols in regards to supervision times.

After School Lessons

Similar to a bus line or Kiss and Drop line, a RAD Ballet line will be created for all afternoon classes. A member of the RAD Ballet team will meet the students and walk them up to the Performing Arts building where they can get changed and have afternoon tea before their lesson commences. It would be helpful you could place a note in your child’s diary advising the classroom teacher of their afternoon arrangements, for example, “RAD Ballet”.

At the conclusion of their lesson, their ballet teacher will walk all students down to the Kiss and Drop area where parents can promptly collect their child.

Parents, please be advised that for all other siblings of students attending RAD classes, they will not be permitted to be waiting around whilst their sibling is attending a lesson.

Changes made to Grade 4 and Grade 5 Ballet

In the interest of best practice for developing confidence and secure technique, Grade 4 and Grade 5 ballet lessons have been combined into two Grade 4 lessons. This means if your child is in Year 5 at school they will participate in the Grade 4 ballet lessons for 2021 whereby they will experience a sense of achievement and success as they develop important foundational skills that underpin Classical Ballet technique. The two Grade 4 lessons will now take place on Tuesday from 7.40 am to 8.40 am and Thursday from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

How to Enrol

New families interested in enrolling with us are encouraged to email dance@scas.nsw.edu.au before the student’s first class. For any questions relating to your new enrolment, please call 6581 4188. Please complete this registration form to provide communication details.

Consent for your child to participate in this activity is required by way of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions within the Parent Lounge Tours and Excursions. Your child will be unable to participate where consent is not provided. Please review the information available and accept or decline to confirm your child’s attendance. Please also ensure that you have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct information and the Risk Warning under Section 5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002 document.

Fee Policy

Non-refundable enrolment fee: $40 per student. Payable when lodging the Application for Enrolment.

Terms of Payment

All Term Tuition Fees will be invoiced at least two weeks prior to the commencement of each term and forwarded via email. Fees are payable by the end of the first week of each term. The number of weeks in a term varies, however, the term price remains unchanged.

If you would like a trial lesson for your child before paying for the term, the first class can be considered a trial lesson whereby if your child decides they do not wish to continue after this, you are not billed for the class. You are only billed for the trial lesson if your child decides to continue on with us.

2021 Fee Schedule

Uniform Information

At St Columba Anglican School we take pride in our uniform dress code. It is important that our students of all ages understand that it is part of their discipline to come dressed and groomed appropriately for class. All students taking a Classical Ballet class must come with their hair in a ballet bun, and boys must look presentable. Below is a list of our uniform requirements for specific levels. Whilst we understand it may be tempting to purchase some of these items from commercial retail outlets, it is important that uniforms are purchased from our supplier so that there is consistency.

We are proud to have a strong business relationship with Dance Dreams Dancewear, our exclusive suppliers for all our after-hours RAD Ballet dancewear. You can be confident that Cathy Smith and her experienced team will ensure your child is correctly fitted from head to toe with all their uniform requirements.

Dance Dreams is located at:

Shop 5/120 Gordon Street

Port Macquarie

P: 6584 3380

E: dancedreamsd@hotmail.com

Ballet Examinations

The St Columba Anglican School After Hours Program follows the renowned Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus for all our Classical Ballet based classes and examinations. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world and features exquisite music and beautiful new enchainments to challenge today’s ballet students. Whilst many students commence ballet simply for enjoyment and fitness, many students go on to sit ballet examinations.

What are the benefits of sitting a ballet examination?

  • Having a goal to work towards

  • Attaining a higher standard of technique, musicality and performance

  • Receiving recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body

  • Receiving a report, certificate, and medal in recognition of achievement

  • Gaining confidence and increasing enjoyment in dance

SCAS examinations are scheduled inline with the RAD’s North/West Tour, towards the end of the year, usually in the October session. In order for students to reach their personal best, there are several requirements you must meet before being considered to sit an examination:

  • Students must attend both syllabus classes per week.

  • Exam coaching classes and school holiday workshops may be held at the School in preparation for examinations.

  • Please note that there are additional fees payable to the Royal Academy of Dance in order to sit examinations. These will be published before the commencement of the first term.