Parent-Teacher Interviews

Primary School

The Primary School welcomes enquiries from parents/caregivers at any time.

The Primary School holds a Parent/Teacher Information Evening in the first weeks of Term 1. Interviews are arranged during Term 1 and Term 3, and at other times throughout the year as requested.

It is important that all parents attend the interviews so that clear communication regarding the academic progress of students is maintained. Students in Year 5 and 6 are asked to attend the Term 3 meeting with their parents so that they are able to present their progress and receive direct feedback from teachers and parents.

Interviews may also be requested by the School if problems exist that are hindering a student’s progress, or where the student’s conduct warrants a parent conference.

To meet with your child’s class teacher or any other staff member, please contact the Primary Office or email and request an appointment. You will be contacted by a member of staff to arrange a time. It is not appropriate to interrupt a teacher at 8.50am or 3.20pm when they are settling or dismissing the class.

Secondary School

Secondary School Parent-Teacher Interview Evenings are held each Semester. Appointments are booked via the Parent Lounge. All parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact the School at any time during the school year to discuss concerns, or to contact the Secondary Office or email to arrange an interview time with a particular member of staff.

For an instructional video on how to book Parent-Teacher Interviews on Parent Lounge, please click here.