Stationery and Book Supplies

Primary School

Students in the Primary School have their compulsory textbooks and exercise books ordered in bulk by the School, and the cost for these is included in the Camp, Activity and Resource (CAR) Fee each year. Parents will need to purchase items for general class use. Please find a list of resources required for each year level linked below.

Primary School Resource List 2020

Secondary School

Students in the Secondary School are required to provide their own textbooks and stationery. Secondary School textbooks can be ordered online through Kookaburra Educational Resources. Instructions for ordering are linked below. (Please note that the cut off date for delivery by 24 January 2020 is 13 December 2019.)

You may also order your stationery through Kookaburra, or you may prefer to shop locally for these items.

Online Ordering

Instructions for ordering Year 7 to 11 Packs Online

Instructions for ordering Year 12 Packs Online

For students starting at SCAS throughout the year, it is advisable to check with the class teachers to confirm exactly which texts still need to be purchased at the time of entry.

Online Second Hand Textbook Trading

The School also hosts a Facebook group The SCAS Exchange where parents and students can buy and sell uniforms, textbooks, musical instruments and other school items. It is worth checking this site for second hand textbooks.

Books and Stationery Expectations

  • All exercise books should be covered with adhesive plastic film.
  • Books and folders should be labelled with the student’s name, class and subject.
  • Unsuitable or unwholesome pictures, drawings or writing must not appear on any school books.
  • Textbooks should be treated with care.