Lockers are assigned to all students in Years 6 to 12. Year 6 students receive their lock from their class teacher. Students in Secondary School will be assigned their lock and code on the first day of the school year, or when they commence.

The main usage of the locker is to store school materials and supplies which will enhance the student’s ability to learn. Lockers shall not be used to store items that are in violation of the Student Behaviour Expectations.

Lockers are not theft-proof, and students should not leave valuable items such as money or expensive personal property in their locker. Students are also responsible for all School property that may be taken from the locker. No food items are to be left in the locker, as this may attract rodents and/or start an insect infestation.

Students can only store their own belongings and must use only the locker assigned to them. Students cannot move their belongings to any locker that is not assigned to them. Any student found using a locker that is not assigned to him/her, will immediately lose this privilege. Lockers must not be physically moved from one location to another without the approval of the students year patron

All lockers assigned to students are the property of St Columba Anglican School and as such, should not be vandalised or defaced. Lockers may be searched when there is reason to believe that the contents threaten the safety, health, or welfare of students. Lockers must not be physically moved from one location to another without approval of the student's Year Patron.


The school will need to have the combinations to all students’ combination locks. This will be kept on a master list with the Secondary Office. Do not disclose your combination to anyone because you are responsible for its contents and condition. Students are advised to always remember to check their lock before leaving the area and make sure they have secured their locker.