Primary School Awards System

Class and Principal's Awards

In an effort to increase the value of awards, the School has a system that is designed to give value to accumulated awards above a Principal’s Award. Awards will be accumulated from one year to the next and will count towards higher level awards.

Award Progression

Each year students can be given Class Awards from their class teacher or a specialist teacher. When students have collected five Class Awards they will need to take them to the Primary School Assistant or the Head of Primary which will allow them to be eligible for a Principal's Award. These awards then advance to a Bronze, Silver and Gold Badge and culminate in a Principal's Medallion for exceptional students who have received 12 Principal's Awards during their time in Primary School.

The following list highlights the progression of awards in Primary School:

  • 5 Class Awards = 1 Principal’s Award.

  • 5 Principal’s Awards = 1 Bronze Badge

  • 7 Principal’s Awards = 1 Silver Badge

  • 9 Principal’s Awards = 1 Gold Badge

  • 12 Principal’s Awards = 1 Principal's Medallion

Our Principal's Awards, as well as our bronze, silver and gold badges, will be awarded at the relevant Stage Assembly.

Principal’s Medallions are awarded at the Primary School Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year for Year 6 students.

Secondary School Awards System

The Awards System in place for Years 7 to 10 acknowledges achievement in a variety of contexts, with the dimensions of effort, improvement and involvement being valued equally with outright academic achievement. Recognition can be in the form of Class Awards and Principal's Awards. A positive commendation system is used for Years 7 to 10, with recognition celebrated via Class Awards and Principal's Awards as follows:-

  • 5 positive commendations = Bronze Class Award

  • 10 positive commendations = Silver Class Award

  • 15 positive commendations = Gold Class Award

  • 20 positive commendations = Platinum Class Award

  • Every 5 positive commendations thereafter earn a Principal’s award.

In Years 11 and 12, the system is similar, with recognition in the form of Badges and with specific requirements needed for commendations from multiple teachers across various disciplines. Senior awards are as follows:

  • 5 positive commendations = Bronze badge

  • 10 positive commendations = Silver badge

  • 15 positive commendations = Gold badge

  • 20 positive commendations = Platinum badge

More formal awards are currently celebrated at the end of the year at Prizegiving ceremonies.