COVID-19 Information

As a result of the Department of Education and NSW Health guidelines regarding minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission in NSW Schools, the School will be implementing the following protocols, effective from the beginning of Term 1, 2022.

Surveillance Testing

  • NSW Health has indicated that Schools will be required to participate in a surveillance testing regime for the first four to five weeks of the school term. To this end, it is anticipated that NSW Health will supply schools with enough Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) for each student to be tested twice per week, i.e. ten tests.

  • The school will issue these tests to students as soon as they arrive from NSW Health. On the day these are given to students, the School will send out an SMS to alert parents to expect the RAT package. Parents are asked to familiarise themselves with the procedure for using these tests at home before school on Monday and Wednesday of Weeks 1 to 5. Positive results are required to be reported to NSW Health and the School. Positive cases are required to isolate as per NSW Health guidelines. It is hoped that by monitoring students this way, we will be able to take appropriate actions here at school to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amongst year groups. Staff will be required to complete the same testing regime.

  • If the anticipated RAT kits do not arrive students who are symptom free and who are not under NSW Health restrictions related to self isolation will be able to attend school.

  • Parents can contact the school on to report positive test results or ask any questions about this process.

General Arrangements

  • All students who are absent or sent home with flu-like symptoms must be tested for COVID-19, either with a PCR or RAT test. Under these circumstances only students with a negative result and who are symptom free may return. Positive tests must be notified to NSW Health and the School.

  • Students who have had a positive test must not return to school until they have completed any NSW Health self isolation period (currently 7 days) and are symptom-free.

  • ​Any student who reports to our First Aid Room as ill and showing any symptoms related to the virus will be isolated. Parents are required to make arrangements for them to be collected immediately. Collection of these students by a parent or caregiver is non-negotiable. Students with Asthma or Hayfever type symptoms need to obtain a medical certificate stating this and that their symptoms are not contagious.

  • When collecting an ill student, parents will be required to report to Front Reception to sign in and show proof of vaccination before collecting their child from the First Aid room.

  • Any families who have been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 positive case are to follow the self-isolation requirements.

  • All parents attending the campus must report to the School Front Reception and not access the School campus under any circumstances. All access to the campus is via the front entrance only.

  • All visitors who require access to the campus must register using the Service NSW COVID-19 Safe Check-in via their smartphone. QR Codes for COVID-19 Safe Check-in have been placed in various locations around the front of the campus and at Front Reception.

  • Masks: Secondary students are required to wear a mask indoors. Primary students are highly encouraged to do so. Students are responsible for bringing their own masks to school. The School has very limited supplies for emergency use only. Secondary students who present to school without a mask will not be allowed to participate in lessons and may be sent home.

Before School Arrangements

  • Supervision for Primary students commences at 8.20am. Secondary students arriving before 8.20am will be accommodated in the Library from 7.45am to allow for supervision.

  • Parents requiring care for their Primary student before 8.20am will need to register for the Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service. OSHC operates Before School Care from 6.30am each weekday morning. To enrol in OSHC, please contact Columba Cottage on 6581 4433 or email

  • The majority of parents are not permitted onto the School campus past the Front Reception and must farewell their child at the front of the School.

  • Kindergarten parents and parents of new students are permitted onto the campus for drop off to their child's classroom on the initial days of the term. Parents are encouraged to drop students at the front portico once their child has settled into the new routine of their classroom location.

  • Children who require special provisions should contact Mrs Cummins about the level of support needed to settle into new routines and enter the school independently.

  • Parents dropping off to classrooms should be fully vaccinated and free of any flu-like symptoms. Health Guidelines restrict time on campus to no more than ten minutes.

  • Parents who are not fully vaccinated will not be allowed to enter the campus. Please contact the school to discuss arrangements for drop off and pick up.

After School Arrangements

  • Parents can collect their child from Kiss and Drop or the Front Oval. Parents do not need to get an exemption for front oval pick up. Primary teachers will bring students down to these areas each afternoon.

  • Parents may wait on the School Front Oval for children, but we ask that you physically distance from other parents and wear a mask. Please do not wait at the bottom of the stairs at the portico.

  • For Primary parents, please indicate 'Pick up from oval', 'Kiss and Drop' or 'Oval' in your child's School Diary. This helps children and staff know what is happening.

  • Stage 1 parents ONLY are allowed to queue in Kiss and Drop zone from 2.45pm. Stage 2 and the rest of the school cannot proceed from the marked line until 3.15pm. A sign indicates the start of this line. Please ensure your car name sign is on the left side of your dash or visor.

  • Kindergarten students may be collected at 3.00pm by car from the Kiss and Drop area or oval at the front of the School.

  • Stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2) students may be collected at 3.10pm by car from the Kiss and Drop area or oval at the front of the School.

  • Primary students can be collected by car from 3.20pm at the Kiss and Drop area or front oval.

  • Students catching buses and waiting for siblings will be supervised by staff until 3.45pm.

  • Primary children not collected by 3.45pm will be taken to Front Reception and parents contacted.

  • Secondary Students can be collected from the front of the school or Kiss and Drop at 3.20pm. Please note that Secondary students cannot possibly get to Kiss and Drop before 3.25pm, and parents are encouraged not to arrive early to wait for secondary students.

  • Secondary children can study in the School Library until 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.00pm on Fridays.

Please note that if government policy changes at any time during this period, then the School may need to make further alterations to these arrangements.