Five Ways to Wellbeing

At St Columba, we aim to nourish our physical and mental wellbeing by focusing on positive actions to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Our premise is based on prevention rather than cure. These are:


  • Making connections with others, including family, friends and work colleagues

  • Teamwork skills

  • Sharing common interests with others

  • Forging positive relationships and social skills.

Be Active

  • The benefits of exercise, or rather the negative impacts of inactivity, are well documented and recognised as an integral part of physical and mental wellbeing.

Take Notice

  • ‘Mindfulness’ and paying attention to others, and also to our behaviour and feelings

  • Slowing down to be in the present moment free of distractions

  • Being in control of our actions.

  • This concept includes an appreciation of nature and the cultivation of gratitude, positive self-talk, listening to others, and compassion.

  • Development of a deep spiritual connection with God.

Keep Learning

  • Developing and cultivating a love of learning and awe of the unknown and optimism for the future

  • Developing creativity and new interests, and a habit of life-long learning.


  • Giving to others and the community as a whole

  • Giving to others through various means, such as time, help, love, genuine care and affection, laughter, support, care, kindness, friendship and selfless community service

These concepts are interwoven throughout the curriculum and Pastoral Care programs. Year Patrons and teachers are a valuable support structure for students. Other supporting agencies for use by students include:

Headspace Port Macquarie

Phone 02 6588 7300


Phone 02 6584 0200

Kids Helpline

Phone 1800 55 1800