Proposed changes to the St Columba School Uniform

St Columba's school uniform is an intrinsic part of the school and its culture. However, this does not mean that it should not, like so many other aspects of schooling, change to suit the needs of our students. The need for a review of the current school uniform was identified through student feedback in 2018 and the School Uniform Committee consulted with students and the P&F. 

Areas identified as needing to be addressed include:

As a result of the feedback received, and after negotiations with our uniform supplier Noone, the School will support a number of changes in the uniform. The new uniform model acknowledges the need for the formal school uniform to reflect the School's culture, and the need for functionality for the wide range of activities undertaken by an excellent 21st century school.

The most significant changes in the uniform will be:

What will not change will be:

The timeline for the introduction of the new uniform will be as follows:

Note that students will not be permitted to mix and match old and new uniform items. 

Please see the link here for a portfolio of the new designs. 

Parents who have feedback or questions on the new uniform are welcome to email our helpdesk at