Classes for 2020

Stage 1 Teachers


KB Brielle Bundy

KN Christine Nicholson

KL Rebecca Lockley

Year 1

1H Lauren Hill

1R Tahnee Rayward

1K Stacey Bennetts (Mon–Tue)

Ann-Kathrin Kiehn (Wed–Fri)

Year 2

2G Lisa Gooding

2M Debbie Muir

2L Vicki Lund

Stage 2 Teachers

Year 3

3L Bruce Little

3H Kellie Hall

3G Jaana Gray

Year 4

4B Haley Branch

4H Emily Hamblin (Mon-Thu)

Fiona Bush (Fri)

4P Danielle Power

Stage 3 Teachers

Year 5

5H Kathleen Heazlewood

5S Roger Shipton

5G Fiona George

Year 6

6B Joshua Barnett

6J David James

6R Kylie Rosenbaum

Specialist Primary Teachers

Christian Studies

Rebekah Erga


Christine Moore

Visual Arts

Phillipa Catlin


Amy Corrigan

Amy Finnecy

Mark Brown

Andrew Blackmore

Performing Arts

Isabella Mistry

Amy Finnecy

Brianna Lukes

Ella Lakin

Catherine Grootenboer

Danika Martin

Fiona Bush

Physical Education

David Beard (3H and 5G)

Primary Leadership Team

Head of Primary - Shannon Rosewood

Deputy Director of Teaching & Learning - Julie Chambers

Deputy Director of Wellbeing - Marten Hilberts

Head of Learning Support - Georgia Cummins

K-6 Data and Reporting Manager - Stephanie Cairns

Stage 1 (K-2) Coordinator - Sarah Jones

Stage 2 (3-4) Coordinator - Kellie Hall

Stage 3 (5-6) Coordinator - Fiona George

To find your child’s class for 2020, log in to your Parent Lounge and click on the Student Details tab. On the drop down menu, choose General Details.

The next screen will show your child’s name and other details. At the bottom of this screen are your child’s School Details, which will show their Class/PC/Tutor Group (depending upon their year level).

If you need any assistance with the Parent Lounge, please contact us either by email to or call us on 02 6581 4188.