Policies and Procedures

This section outlines the policies and procedures that relate to Co-Curricular Ensembles for 2019.

Students are expected to attend every rehearsal and performance.

A written explanation must be provided to the ensemble director for any rehearsal absence. If students know they will be absent prior to the rehearsal the ensemble director should be informed via email (preferably 24 hours in advance)

Students and parents/caregivers should be familiar with the Performing Arts Co-Curricular Timetable. They should ensure they are familiar with the day and starting times of the ensemble.

Senior students may be granted permission to leave rehearsal early by their Ensemble Director to submit assessments as required.


Expectations of all Co-Curricular Music Ensembles:

SCAS prides itself on the demonstrated excellence of the music ensembles.

In order for students to be considered for inclusion in a specialist ensemble, it is an expectation that students will regularly attend at least one of the following ensembles:

  • Primary Choir - Years 3 to 6
  • Senior Secondary Choir - Years 7 to 12
  • Years 6 to 8 Concert band - Years 6 to 8
  • Senior Secondary Concert Band - Years 9 to 12

Membership of elite ensembles is at the discretion of the Directors of our inclusive ensembles and is determined in consultation with Mr Brown. If a student is not showing sufficient commitment the director reserves the right to release that student from the group.

Performance in the Primary and Secondary choir and smaller ensembles is at the discretion of the Choir Director. Students who have missed too many rehearsals or who do not know the work will not perform at major events.

If a student needs to miss a rehearsal, a message must be sent to the Choir Director and cc’d to Mr Brown. If there are more than two unexplained absences at rehearsal the Choir Director will refer this to Mr Brown.

Membership of elite ensembles is at the discretion of the Choir Director, and if a student is not showing sufficient commitment the Director reserves the right to release that student from the group.


Expectations of all Co-Curricular Dance Groups:

Students in the Primary and Secondary School in the co-curricular dance groups are required to commit to attend dance rehearsals every week. Students may lose their position in a dance group if they miss 3 lessons without reasonable explanation.

Students are required to be available for all performance dates (as per the timetable).

It is an expectation that students participating in Co-Curricular dance groups attend key performances throughout the year, if a student is unavialable for a performance date the staff member in charge of the group should be notified as soon as possible so choreography and positioning can be altered. If a students has not made the staff member aware of their unavialability it is expected the student will be present at all rehearsals and performances.

Students must arrive promptly to rehearsals and be at the Dance Studio door 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

If a student is going to miss a rehearsal an email must be sent to Mrs Lukes and Mr Brown 24 hours in advance where possible.

Commitment to all performances outlined at the beginning of the academic year - for Primary Students this incorporates the Dance Showcase ‘Contempo’ and Port Macquarie Dance Eisteddfod. Secondary Dancers are also required to commit to the Sydney Dance Eisteddfod for Honours groups.

Girls in Primary Dance should wear bike shorts under dresses for rehearsals. All Secondary Dance students must be in dance uniform: black 3/4 tights and a fitted singlet PACE top. PACE Jackets are to be worn by student in the Dance Touring Streams.

If students miss a rehearsal it is their responsibility to learn the choreography and corrections they missed before the rehearsal the following week.

If a hired costume is not returned after a performance, parents will be asked to pay a costume fee to cover the loss.

Within Touring Streams, a compulsory dance uniform is required for all lessons. This includes the SCAS Dance leotard and leggings for girls, or the SCAS Dance shirt and shorts/long pants for boys. This uniform is available for purchase at the uniform shop. Hair should be neatly groomed. At St Columba we have a dance uniform for the following reasons: To represent the school in the wider community with pride thanks to our embroidered logos and uniformity. Every piece of the selected uniform is form fitting for safe dance practice, exceptional flexibility, movement efficiency, temperature control and durability.


Expectations of the Co-Curricular Drama Ensembles:

All Ensemble students will require a set of performance ‘blacks’: black tracksuit or leggings (full-length) and the black PACE performance drama t-shirt.

Regular attendance is mandatory. Any absences must be cleared with Mrs Grootenboer beforehand. In the event of illness/injury, students are encouraged to be present to watch. Impeccable behavior is expected at all times.

Students will be required for additional weekend rehearsals before the Secondary School production.