Performing Arts Co-Curricular

SCAS is known for its Performing Arts Program both in the region, across the state and nationally. It has been recognised in all three disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) and continues to set the benchmark in the region for the delivery of an outstanding Performing Arts Program.

Performing Arts at SCAS provides an innovative continuum of teaching and learning from K–12, through our expansive curricular and co-curricular program.


SCAS ensembles cater for musicians of all ages and abilities, and provide a great opportunity to meet other students. Our extensive co-curricular music program caters for students of different levels of ability and skill.

Co-Curricular Instrumental Ensembles

Beginner Lost in Dots Band - Mrs Amy Corrigan

The Lost In Dots Band Ensemble is a direct lead from the Year 5 Band class. It provides a more in-depth study to ensemble playing, wind techniques and looks more closely at the intricacies of note reading.

Intermediate Concert Band - Mrs Amy Corrigan

The Intermediate Concert band inspires progressing students looking for an achievable, extra challenge. Students can be in one, or both bands.

Advanced Concert Band - Mr Mark Brown

The Advanced Concert Band is a group open to all secondary students. The ensemble gives students an opportunity to perform a wide range of musical repertoire. The Advanced Concert Band is under the direction of Mr Mark Brown and is suitable any student in the secondary school with concert band experience. Please contact Mr.Brown if you require more information regarding membership or suitability for ensemble.

SCAS Equinox Big Band - Mr Andrew Blackmore

Formed in 2009, this is a specialist Jazz Ensemble. Membership is by invitation and provides opportunities for students to develop advanced ensemble and improvisational skills appropriate to the Jazz idiom. Students perform both at school and in the wider community at a variety of events and concerts.

Orchestra - Mrs Amy Finnecy and Mr Mark Brown

The Orchestra is for students in years 5 to 12 who play an orchestral string instrument competently. The orchestra enjoys playing in a broad range of genres from standard classical pieces, film and theatre music, folk tunes and popular numbers. There are also a selected number of Woodwind, Brass and Percussion players who are invited to complement the Strings.

Secondary Stage Band - Mr Mark Brown

The Stage Band provides soulful musical avenues for music students. The ensemble is under the direction of Mr Mark Brown. The Stage Band consists of a standard rhythm section (drums, piano, bass and guitar) plus a full horn section (trumpets, saxes and trombone). In addition there will be two to three vocalists. The repertoire centres around Rhythm and Blues Classics and other popular genres. Students interested in the joining this ensemble should contact Mr Brown.

Primary String Ensemble - Mrs Amy Finnecy and Mrs Isabella Mistry

The String Ensemble caters for novice string players in Years 3 to 6 with a focus on skills, music reading and ensemble playing in a small ensemble before progressing to the String Orchestra.


St Columba Anglican School has one of the largest and most dynamic vocal programs in the state, catering for students of all ages and abilities. The standard of the ensembles is very high, as is the level of participation. We have an excellent balance of boys and girls involved. Developing leadership skills, musicianship and love of music is the main focus of all ensembles.

Primary Vocal Program

Sunshine Voices (non-auditioned) - Mrs Isabella Mistry and Mrs Jennifer Searle

Our youngest students in Years 1 and 2 are catered for with weekly rehearsals. Singing from such a young age is good for the development of a child’s ear and overall musicality — and children learn quickly in a fun environment.

Sunshine Voices focuses on developing good pitch and a lovely clear tone. The music is simple but enjoyable and we strongly encourage boys to join at this stage. We work hard to make sure the music we sing is something both boys and girls enjoy. This is our most important choir as it sets the foundation for the rest of our program.

Primary Choir (non-auditioned) - Ms Rose Wilson and Mrs Fiona Bush

The Primary Choir is open to any students in Years 3 to 6 and there are no auditions.

Repertoire is more challenging than in Sunshine Voices, and includes part singing and ear training exercises as well as learning good vocal techniques. Focus in the Primary Choir is on pitch, tone and harmonising. We are very aware of selecting repertoire that both boys and girls enjoy and don’t classify voices into alto and soprano at this age. We encourage students to sing their full range and develop their ability to sing harmony lines. This choir supports and extends the work students do in the music classroom. Boys whose voices have started to change are carefully managed in this choir and encouraged to keep singing through the change.

Iona Voices (auditioned) - Ms Rose Wilson

Iona Voices is a selective choir for students in Years 3 to 6. Members need to undergo an audition process.

In order to be eligible for selection, students must be active members of Primary Choir. Repertoire is challenging and includes multiple part singing and a wide variety of repertoire.

Focus is on developing strong choral technique and musicianship as well as performance technique. Iona Voices is our main performance choir for Primary School with many performance opportunities through the year.

Senior Vocal Program

To be eligible to participate in other senior vocal ensembles a student must be an active member of the Senior Choir.

Senior Choir – Years 7 to 12 (non-auditioned) - Dr Marie van Gend

The Senior Choir is a dynamic group of over 100 members and is dedicated to developing a love of choral singing in our Senior students. Members of this group perform various styles of vocal music, gain an understanding of vocal techniques and develop confidence in their singing. The group performs music from a wide range of repertoire at school productions, workshops and concerts throughout the year. The Senior Choir is open to any interested students without audition.

Commitment is important and participation in the Senior Choir assumes that students attend regular rehearsals and prioritise performance events throughout the year. (These will be published early in the year).

The focus of the Senior Choir is on pitch, tone, harmonising, rhythm and adolescent voice management. All members of the choir have voices in a constant state of change, and we work hard to try to accommodate that and make singing enjoyable and comfortable.

Iintombi Zicula - Girls in Years 9 to 12 (auditioned) - Ms Rose Wilson

Iintombi Zicula is an elite, auditioned ensemble for senior girls that performs both sacred and secular music. Rehearsing weekly, students have the opportunity to extend their vocal technique, develop sight singing skills, appreciate blending and balance in a vocal group, develop presentation techniques and enhance their understanding of different styles of music. This ensemble is re-auditioned each year.

Chamber Choir – Years 7 to 12 (auditioned) - Dr Marie van Gend

This elite, auditioned ensemble focuses on the classical repertoire. It is involved in performances on a regular basis, within the school and wider community. It has also toured overseas. Members have the opportunity to be challenged by some of the most beautiful choral repertoire written over the last 400 years as well as contemporary works. The Commitment expectation is high and the group is re-auditioned each year.

Man Shed – Boys in Years 9 to 12 (auditioned) - Mr Andrew Turner Gregory Mitchell, Mitchell Hardie (Senior SCAS Students)

Man Shed is a years 9 - 12 ensemble with possibility for year 8 members to audition. It is a dynamic group dedicated to the art of male singing. Their repertoire ranges from the classical to the ridiculous and there is a strong emphasis on developing choral leadership skills. Man Shed is always a crowd favourite with exciting and dynamic performances, often full of humour and wit. Despite the light and relaxed atmosphere of rehearsals in Man Shed, commitment and attitude are still very important and standards are high.


Students on St Columba’s campus can participate in dance education across their whole schooling life. With age-appropriate training from preschool through to the Higher School Certificate and every special stage in between.

Secondary Dance Elective

“Dance as Study”

St Columba teaches the NESA curriculum for Dance in Years 8-12. As an Elective subject, Dance in these secondary years develops a student's capacity for performance, composition, technology and critical appreciation. It’s a great asset to have a syllabus, regulated by the NSW Education Standards Authority that identifies the crucial aspects of dance that students should know and understand about this artform and industry. Our dance education is aligned to a government developed syllabus, which has stage-appropriate outcomes and is taught by accredited, specialist teachers.

Co-Curricular Stream

“Dance as Theatre”

This Dance stream is open to any student interested in furthering their technique and stage experience.

Pre School STEAM Dance

Pre-school aged children from CCELC experience co-curricular exploratory dance for half an hour sessions throughout the week during the day.

Primary Co-Curricular - Mrs Ashleigh Olsen (Kindy, Infants) , Mrs Danika Martin (Years 3/4 and 5/6)

There are four Primary Dance Ensembles: Kindergarten Dance, Years 1 -2 Infants Dance Group, Years 3-4 Dance Group and Years 5-6 Dance Group. Our Primary Co-Curricular stream offers before-school morning classes of 45 minutes duration. These groups are open to all Primary students in a completely inclusive dance environment.

Secondary Co-Curricular - Mrs Brianna Lukes

Secondary Co-Curricular Stream caters for students entering the Secondary School Dance Program for the first time as a bridge from Primary School Dance and is suitable for students aspiring to develop and refine new skills that will perhaps lead them into other groups in the future.

For students in Years 7 to 12, co-curricular sessions run from 3.30pm to 5.30pm each Monday afternoon. Multiple groups will run during this time in our various studios.

The Co-Curricular Stream promotes dance as theatre and students who elect this stream are involved in an annual large-scale production at the Glasshouse Theatre, as well as school showcases and events. The Co-Curricular Stream is totally inclusive, absolutely free of competition and is designed around promoting each student’s exposure to different styles of dance, including jazz, musical theatre, lyrical, classical, contemporary and national character. Students enjoy the costuming, sets, props, spectacle and theatricality of dance.

Classical Ballet Ensembles - Mrs Elisa Pringle

The Classical Ballet Ensemble is available for students to learn classical ballet technique and artistry as well as pas de deux and corps de ballet répertoire. In 2020 there are 3 Classical Ballet Ensembles, Year 1-2, Years 3-6 and Secondary.

To find out what your child should wear to rehearsals in various groups please go to 'Policies and Procedures'.

Touring Stream

“Dance as Promotion”

The Touring Stream is an intensive program aimed at the extension and enrichment of our gifted and talented dancers. It aims to present elite routines in a variety of styles (including Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Lyrical and Jazz). These groups perform to a range of audiences including competitions, concerts and showcases, both locally and abroad. Students must be involved in ongoing, regular external tuition and/or Elective Dance study at school and must be undertaking the Co-Curricular program to be considered as a member of this group. The touring streams are selective groups, with selections being made from the Co-Curricular dance groups in term 3 of each year for commencement in term 4 that same year. If your child wishes to be a part of a touring stream they must be a dancer in the Co-Curricular groups in order to have a chance of being selected.

Primary Dance Touring Stream (years 3-6) - Miss Roxanne Montgomery

Secondary Dance Touring Stream - Mrs Brianna Lukes

The Touring Stream has a Primary and Secondary Touring Stream who travel to participate in competitions, including the Sydney Eisteddfod and other events where dance is Promotion. We plan to expand where and when we travel and to diversify the competitions we enter.


Drama co-curricular opportunities run in conjunction with and in addition to the elective Drama program at SCAS.

Drama at St Columba Anglican School is a consecutive journey from the Primary School through to the Secondary School, building a body of knowledge of the elements of Drama and the theatrical traditions and performance styles of the world.

The collaborative nature of this art form engages students in a creative process where they can communicate in complex and powerful ways how they perceive the world. Learning experiences in Drama engage the whole person.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities to attend high quality professional productions and workshops as well as multiple opportunities to perform for a public audience.

Some of our past productions and musicals at SCAS include:

  • Godspell (2007)
  • Much Ado About Nothing (2008)
  • Antigone (2011)
  • Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2012)
  • Glasshouse Spectacular (2012)
  • The Popular Mechanicals (2013)
  • Disney’s Aladdin Jr (2014)
  • The Government Inspector (2014)
  • The Caucasian Chalk Circle (2015)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016)
  • Beauty and The Beast (2017)
  • Matilda (2019)

Co-Curricular Drama Ensembles

Years 5 and 6 Drama Ensemble - Mrs Isabella Mistry

The Year 5 and 6 Drama Ensemble is an ensemble formed in 2017 aiming to provide an opportunity for students to develop technique and build a love for theatre and performance. Growing in popularity each week since its initiation, the energetic students are learning the skills of improvisation and working collaboratively to physicalise their ideas. Laughter is shared as we explore the creation of characters and narratives which will culminate in a performance aiming to bring to life an intriguing children’s book.

Junior Drama Ensemble - Ms Ella Lakin

Students from Years 7 and 8 who are keen to develop their interest and skills in Drama have the opportunity to be involved with Junior Drama Ensemble who become the Character Chorus for the biannual Musical. This group aims to build students knowledge of performance and their skills in an encouraging, ensemble focused environment.

Senior Drama Ensemble - Mrs Catherine Grootenboer

Students from Years 9 and 10 who are part of the Elective Drama Course are able to take their love and commitment of the artform further through their involvement in the Senior Drama Ensemble. The Senior Drama Ensemble are members of the chorus and can have minor speaking roles in the Secondary Drama Production Showcase. They are also involved in a variety of sections at the Port Macquarie Drama Eisteddfod and possible other small public performances.

Students are able to audition for both of these ensembles at the beginning of the school year.

Circus Troupe - Mrs Catherine Grootenboer and Mrs Kylie Rosenbaum

The Circus Troupe meets weekly to train in using various circus equipment such as unicycle, poi and hoops with acrobatics and physical theatre to create a contemporary circus piece for a public performance. Any students from Years 5 to 12 are welcome to join Circus Troupe at the beginning of the year.