Music Tuition

To complement the Music Program at St Columba, the School has a very talented and dedicated group of instrumental and vocal teachers offering private tuition for a range of instruments including woodwind, strings, brass, piano, keyboard and drums.

Individual lessons are operated on a daily rotational timetable so that students have their lesson on the same day each week, but do not miss the same class each time. Parents are invited to make arrangements with our Music Tutors directly. Music Tuition is only available to Primary students after long break (11:40am) daily.

Music Instrument Hire

St Columba Anglican School stocks a limited range of brass, woodwind and stringed instruments available for hire through the Music Department. Instruments will be supplied for hire, in a well-maintained and clean condition, with the relevant accessories such as mouthpieces, cleaning cloths and neck straps.

Instrument Hire is payable per term through the Parent Lounge. No hire fee monies will be refunded if the instrument is returned prior to the end of the term. The hired instrument(s) are to be at all time treated with due care and when not in use, securely stored. If an instrument is returned and the damage exceeds normal wear and tear, parents will be expected to cover the cost of repairs.

Please refer to our Music Instrument Hire Terms and Conditions for further information.

Security of Instruments

All instruments - where on hire from the school or privately owned, should be marked clearly with the student’s full name and contact number both inside and outside the case. Students should secure their instruments inside the Secondary Music storeroom or classroom when not in use.