Year 12 Modified Trial Examinations

Please find below some answers to questions that were asked during the Year 12 Modified Trial Examinations information session. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


Will we receive physical exams with lines allocated for questions? How are students supposed to know how much to write?

Exams will be released online. Students will write on their own paper. Typically the marks allocated to a question would give an indication of the length of response.

Will our exam responses be typed on a document or a photograph of our handwritten pages uploaded?

Exam responses will be handwritten and photographs of each page added to a Google doc at the conclusion of the exam. The Google doc will then be uploaded to the classroom.

What will happen if there is a device/internet issue during the exam?

  • If you have a technology glitch during the examination – please do NOT panic – we will troubleshoot and, if required, an Illness/Misadventure process will be put in place.

    • If your Google Meet drops out, try and reconnect immediately

    • If you are unable to reconnect on your phone attempt to reconnect using your laptop

    • If you are unable to reconnect on either device just continue on with your examination without the Google Meet supervision

  • If you lose connection and cannot complete or upload the exam please contact the school for advice on (02) 6581 4188.

When the examination papers are released will we be able to print them just before the exam?

Examination papers will be released at the start of the exam and removed at the end of the exam time. There will be no opportunity to print examination papers and students should not attempt to do so.

What is happening to catch-up exams?

Students who need to do a catch-up examination should contact either Mrs Houlahan or Mr Kallmier to make arrangements.

How will you monitor the closed book policy?

Exams will be invigilated over a Google Meet. Students will be asked to pan their rooms prior to the exam with their camera to ensure no notes or other materials are present. Students will also be required to show their calculators with the cover removed. Only pens, calculators and blank writing papers should be present on examination tables. The student must set up their camera so that both themselves and their workspace is visible at all times.

How can you ensure exam integrity when students are allowed to go to the toilet?

Students are discouraged from using the bathroom during an examination. They should make sufficient preparations prior to the start of the examination to avoid this wherever possible. Only in urgent circumstances should a student ask to take a bathroom break.

What are you going to do about the people that work out a way to cheat?

If a student is identified as having broken the examination code of conduct we will follow our school assessment policies. Typically a student will be awarded zero marks for the examination and we would be required to report this to NESA.

Will we be provided with a formula sheet for maths or physics exams, for example?

Formula sheets for these exams will be made available prior to the examination so students can print these off. If a student does not have access to a printer at home they should contact the school to make alternative arrangements.

Are there equity issues with other schools doing the trials in a different format to our school?

These examinations are part of our internal assessment process. The format of these in other schools has no bearing on our students as there is no comparison of trial examination marks across schools.

As a student undertaking exams, I find it necessary to highlight keywords in the question. How can I do this when the questions are on the computer?

This will impact all students so please speak to your teachers for exam technique suggestions. It might be helpful to write out keywords on the top of your answer sheet. Practise this prior to your exams to see what would work best for you.

Would we need to put our student number on the paper?

Yes, your student number should be written on the top of each page. You should also include question numbers. Once your exams are uploaded they will be printed and given to markers. This will maintain the anonymity of your responses.

When SCAS exam marks are moderated by NESA will the fact that our exams are going to be closed book be considered?

Our Trial examination marks will not be moderated by NESA. They will count towards your final assessment mark. This mark will make up 50% of your HSC. The other 50% will come from your actual HSC examination. It is the HSC examination mark that will be used for moderating student assessment marks.

How will the listening part of the French exam be conducted?

This can be done through a shared screen during the Google Meet. The supervising teacher will play the audio files online, the same as would occur face to face.