Primary School Remote Learning

Advice for families from the NSW Government website

Parents and caregivers must keep children—across Primary and Secondary—at home unless they need to be at school. Schools (including out of school hours care) are open for any child that needs it.

What will this look like in Primary at St Columba?

Monday 16 August to Wednesday 18 August

Teachers have provided an online timetable of activities for the three days of planning this week. We appreciate that this is not a full suite of offerings but staff will need this time to adjust the planned programs. Students can find this timetable on their Google Classroom. See the Google Classroom guide or contact the school if you are having difficulties.

Thursday 19 August and beyond

On Thursday morning we will commence our full activities with Google Classroom and Google Meet.

In Primary School we have added Google Meets to our remote learning program to assist parents who are currently working from home and to help students maintain engagement with their learning.

  • Teachers will be online between 8.50am to 9.50am and 11.30am to 1.00pm.

  • It is expected that all students are online at this time. This will ensure continuity of learning and adherence to NSW regulations in terms of attendance requirements.

See the Google Classroom guide, Google Meet guide or contact the school if you are having difficulties.

What if I need to send my child to school?

Primary students will be provided with supervision if their parents are required to attend their workplace and are considered an essential worker.

  • The school will be open for supervision from 8.20am.

  • On arrival at school, students must remain in the SOLA.

  • Regular drop off and pick up routines will be in place.

  • Before school care (OSHC) will be open for students that are required to be at school prior to 8.20am. After School Care will also be available.

  • Students will not have their regular class teachers but will be supervised by a variety of staff from across the school.

  • Students will not be in their regular classrooms.

  • The learning experience at school will be the same as that of students at home.

  • Busways will continue to provide their services.

  • The Canteen will not be open.

  • Students can wear either school uniform or sports uniform.

  • Devices will be provided to Kindergarten to Year 4 students but students will need to bring their own headphones.

  • Year 5 and 6 students will require a device, headphones and charger at school.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the school if you need assistance. The best way to get help is to email so a member of the Primary Leadership team can respond.

Remote Learning Procedures

During a school closure, Kindergarten to Year 6 students will be provided with work across all KLAs. A subject timetable will be provided on Sunday evening by 5.00pm for the class program for the week. Details of the daily program will be posted each day. Students learning from home and students on the school campus (children of essential workers only) will have the same work provided.

A device will be required for each child in Kindergarten to Year 6, so they can participate in the Google Meet and access their Google Classroom. This device can be an iPad, smartphone or laptop logged into the student's SCAS Google account, e.g. Google Classroom and Google Meet can be accessed through any of these devices.

Classroom teaching staff will be online with their class through the Google Meet platform with students during Period 1 and Period 3 each day. Students will also have Wellbeing time with their teacher.

  • Period 1 8:50am to 9:50am

  • Wellbeing 11:30 to 12:00pm

  • Period 3 12:00 to 1:00pm

Kindergarten to Year 2 parents will need to assist their child initially with the routines for working with these platforms. Primary families can contact the school to be provided with technical assistance if having difficulty accessing Google Classrooms.

Families with children in Kindergarten to Year 4 may not have devices for every member of their family. These families are asked to be in contact with Mr Hilberts to look at options for school-supplied devices for the period of the Lockdown.

Primary Leadership staff will be in telephone contact with families to check on their welfare during school closure.